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Two years ago today Nesting By Robin was born.  It has been an exciting journey watching the business grow and evolve because of you!  Join in NBR’s celebration by accepting this gift of 20% off total purchase on any current inventory or special order.  Don’t wait, this gift ends on Thursday, May 18th!

Few memories to share with you.

So excited to see what this coming year will bring!

Happy Anniversary Nesting By Robin!







Wreath Q&A

My husband and I were having our morning coffee when he brought up a few questions regarding NBR’s wreaths.  They were good questions since I have been asked those very questions from clients.


Lets’s have a wreath Q&A!

Question:  Do our wreaths scratch front or back doors?

Answer:  No.  I have been making wreaths for many years and one thing I do, is to make sure they are made not to damage doors or walls.  When purchasing a wreath the back of it should look finished and neat.  It should not have any wire or sharp edges from added embellishments sticking out to cause damage.  Let me show you…

hanger demo2 (2)

One of the first things a designer asks her/himself is how am I going to attach my centerpiece and embellishments?  This question is important for various reasons, however specifically, what am I going to use?  I personally do not use hot glue to attach my pieces to the wreath.  Reason, the hot sun will soften the glue and the attachments end up falling off.  For me, zip ties!  I am a big zip tie fan, however I will use floral wire.  This pictured wreath above shows I used both.  As you can see the back of the wreath is neat and clean.

Question:  Do I attach a back hanger to my wreaths?

Answer: Yes.

The picture above is how I make and attach a hanger to my wreaths using zip ties.  I used black for visual purpose only.   This type of hanger keeps the wreath secure.  Believe it or not, I can say my wreaths are almost child proof when hung from the hook.  So far, I haven’t had a wreath hit the ground nor had damage to my door. Have I shared that I have nine grandchildren?  Anyway, I also add similar hangers to my grapevine wreaths.

Easter Bunny Fun

Here is the wreath looking fantastic!

Question:  Can my wreaths withstand weather?

Answer:  Here in the south, most homes have open porches with a roof over it.  For us they are protected and can withstand the weather.  If the wreath is made with paper mesh, I would not display outdoors unless it is in an enclosed porch.  During hurricane season, I would remove the wreath from the door, (lol).  Sun is our challenge.  You can keep your poly mesh wreath from fading by applying a thin layer of spray starch.  It really does work.

Question:  Do I offer any discounts?

Answer:  Not very often.  I truly keep my costs on the low side to allow affordability.  The cost reflects the quality of materials I use in my wreaths.   One benefit I do offer all of my clients is when they are ready for a replacement wreath, most times the frame can be reused.  This will help lower the cost and I will give a 10% discount on replacements.

This ends the wreath Q&A.  I hope this has been helpful.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask.  There will be a small pause until the next time I blog.  I have several projects I am working on such as crocheting, knitting and a few orders for Easter, weddings and babies.  Keep checking the shoppes for added inventory.  All prices quoted includes income tax.  I am always available for custom ordering.

Until then, may your days be filled with blessings! ~Robin

Photo Shoot

I had a great time working with my middle granddaughter for this photo shoot.  She is modeling the Linen (Moss) Stitch Messy Bun Hat.  And…rocking it!!

My granddaugher had chosen the yarn and style of her new hat.  I made it with Yarn Bee Pastels from Hobby Lobby.  The pictures do not do justice for the colors and beauty of this yarn.  It is so soft and comfortable to wear. What is not being seen is the translucent thread that winds through the yarn.

The hat can be made for toddlers, child, teen/small adult and medium/large adult sizes. My granddaughter is wearing teen/small adult and as you can see there is plenty room for growth.

As you can see she has very long hair and the hat is able to hold it in place.

I think she was giving me her “look of Love”…LOL!

Love this special girl!!  Thank you precious for modeling!!

Merry Christmas!

This is too cute!  Merry Christmas!

Mochimochi Land


Christmas Momentos

Many of you know that I love Christmas.  The family memories we share in our home brings us closer together as each year passes.  During our journey of life there are special Christmas momentos that we hold dear to us.  We take them out of the wrappings in storage with tender care.  Warm feelings and love overcome us as we reminisce.

Last year I had a younger sister of a brother come to me asking, if I could replicate a childhood Christmas stocking for him.  His mother had accidentally lost the stocking during a move.  I posted this touching story along with the pictures below in December 2015.

This year a very special friend came to me with her childhood Christmas stocking and asked if I could replicate it.  She wanted ten of them made in various Christmas colors to give to family members as gifts.  Here is her precious stocking made with love. Can you imagine her as a child receiving this stocking?  I can imagine her being wide-eyed and excited as removes each item from within.

Patricia's Xmas Sock.jpg

Here are three of the ten that I have finished, missing are just the names that will be embroidered on them.  After re-creating the basic pattern, I added a touch of embellishment to bring a little character so each recipient will know it is their special stocking.


The best gift I can give during this Christmas season is helping to re-create those special momentos to help pass along family traditions.  Merry Christmas Patricia! ~ Robin


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Nesting By Robin to you!  Wishing for you a fun trick or treating day with family, friends, ghouls and ghosts. ~ Robin


Halloween is Coming

Halloween is coming around the corner.  Here are a few ideas for your trick or treaters…

Zombie Walkers not included!

Sneek Peek

NBR has opened the Christmas Shoppe for a sneek peek.  As things are being made they will be added to the shoppe during the season.

Need a special gift?  NBR is currently accepting orders up to December 15th.  Don’t wait, the days are creeping by quickly! ~ Robin (I love Christmas!)

Honey & Amber – A Gift of Love

God’s perfect plans always comes to fruition.  Remember Honey from my last post?  She was a great inspiration for me.

Preemie Set1

Three weeks later my daughter and I was at a craft festival and we met a Thirty-one representative, Amber.  I love this woman’s heart.  She didn’t try to take me away from the representative I support.  She just let us browse and explain the new Fall and Christmas items that were available.

As we were browsing, I noticed a sign that was displayed on her table along with a few thermal totes surrounding it.  Amber was standing next to me and I started to share the story of Honey.  After listening to her,  I also wanted to share Amber’s story and asked if I could.  She immediately said, “Yes!”  God had inspired her to create an opportunity to help new parents that has a newborn baby in NICU.  Through her business she has created and offers for any whom are interested, to be a sponsor by purchasing a NICU Welcome Bag.  These totes will be given to the parents of these precious babies.  Amber does this as a love gift.



Don’t you just love her heart?  Because of Amber’s thoughtful inspiration, through Nesting By Robin, I will donate a preemie hat as an essential item to be placed in the tote.  So please help support Amber’s cause, there’s a family that will appreciate this gift of love. ~ Robin


A few days ago I posted a Preemie Set (on FB) that was ordered to be made for a very special little girl.  She is known as Honey by her loving family.  Honey had to reach a weight goal before she could wear clothing.  My client asked me to make her first ensemble as a gift to wear when she reached her goal.

Drum roll please!

  Meet Honey modeling her princess ensemble!

Isn’t she a beautiful princess?

Honey will remain in the hospital for another four weeks before she can come home.  My client has ordered her “Coming Home” ensemble.  This is just too much fun to make her wardrobe!  With Mommy’s blessing, my client and I will show pictures of the “big day”.

Happy Labor Day with blessings ~ Robin

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