Pumpkin Patch

Last Saturday was a beautiful fall day on a local farm. Nesting By Robin’s blue tent was nestled in a pumpkin patch participating along with other vendors in the Support Your Local Business Event. The pumpkin patch was filled with every variety of pumpkins, colorful mums, wagon rides, corn maze, the produce stand and homemade ice cream. Yep! The place was buzzing with kids of all ages having a great time with Mommy and Daddy.

Many of you know that I love to share a story or two of what happens at the blue tent. Well, I have several but here is a couple that had me laughing.

A small boy who was around 4 years old was shopping with mommy. He was trying on the candy corn hat and then the minion hat. Found treasures of ghosts and pumpkins when he suddenly turned and spotted my McDonald’s cup filled with ice tea sitting in the arm of my chair. He promptly came up to me and said, “I would like a kid’s meal with chicken nuggets…” While he continued, I quickly realized he was ordering a meal from me thinking I worked for McDonald’s. Laughter started around the tent when mommy and other customers heard me apologize that I couldn’t help him with his order. Oh, my! He was so serious and I had tears rolling down my cheeks while suppressing my laughter. Such a cutie!!

This little girl, who is my featured picture was adorable! She tried on every style hat that was on display. Mommy was trying hard to convince her in accepting a certain type of hat. This little tike was not having it. Suddenly, her eyes got big and a squeal came from her when she found HER hat. The dark pink and frosted green owl was the winner! She began twirling and dancing around the tent excitedly wearing her special hat. Another cutie!

Did I mention the young man who grabbed a minion hat thinking it was free to take? Or that Mommy and sister chased him around the pumpkin patch trying to catch him? Oh yes, a great day of kid stories. Wish I could share them all! ~ Robin (lol)

Upcoming Event:

October 14th: North Carolina Grape Festival, Lu Mil Vineyard, Dublin, NC


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