Hi Nester Fans!  Spring is here in its full glory!  Bright color blossoms blooming, weddings, birthdays, baby showers and births.  A wonderful season of new beginnings.

Hubby and I have recently returned from a week full of joyous events which included a wedding and baby dedication.  Celebrating with family and meeting new friends was a wonderful way of bringing in the Spring season.  Remember the baby cocoon I posted earlier?  Well, here is our new grandson modeling it just for you!  Snug as a bug in a rug.  Sigh…he is so precious…

Brayden in cocoon

My last blog post was about a special couple we love very much.  Here they are, the happy newlyweds…

We have been feeling so blessed with the wonderful memories, great family and special new friends!  Congratulations to our son and his bride!

I thought I would post pictures of the latest finished project.  A friend showed me a picture of a spring wreath and placed an order. It took 120 pieces of crocheting and sewing to complete it.  However, it was worth it because she loves her wreath!  She is a very special lady and I am so happy I could do this for her.  Yes, she requested the wreath to be made in her favorite color…orange.

If you’re interested in making one for yourself, you’ll find a similar free pattern on Repeat Crafter’s website, http://www.repeatcrafterme.com/2015/02/crocheted-spring-wrea.html.  Sarah used a 12″ Styrofoam wreath where pictured is a 16″ wreath.

Saturday, April 16th, Nesting By Robin will be at the Annual Spring Fling in Fayetteville, NC.  I am busy finishing a few new projects and thought I would share a work in progress picture.  I will have the finished products posted in the “Spring/Summer Shoppe” so you may have the opportunity to purchase before they go to the event.

A small reminder:  If you find a picture, have a vision or special event coming up, phone, text, Facebook, or email me.  I would love to assist you with creating a gift for that special someone or yourself.  Until the next blog post, Happy Nesting! ~ Robin, (be sure to check out the Spring/Summer Shoppe!)






Bridal Shower

Hey Nester Fans!

My husband and I will be flying off to Minnesota to witness our oldest son marry his beautiful bride.  We are so excited for this special life changing event.  Lots of festivities during the weekend are planned to celebrate this special day.

Brian and Sharice

Beautiful couple!

Speaking of festivities, the bride’s sister is giving a bridal shower.  She is bringing family and friends whom live out of state together. This is such a sweet and thoughtful gift to give us an opportunity to celebrate with the bride.  Thank you, Josalyn!

The shower gift I will be giving to the bride is a handmade crochet bridal clutch.   I really thought it came out beautiful.  It is fully lined in sateen, has a snap fastener with a touch of charm added.  Just a small clutch to carry her handkerchief and lipstick.  Of course, made with love.

Bridal Clutch

This would make a great evening bag in black.

Well, I am off to pack.  Hubby and I are so excited to welcome our new daughter-in-law into the family!

Happy Nesting everyone! ~ Robin

Fourth Friday Season

This Friday, March 25th begins Fourth Friday season in Fayetteville, NC.  Nesting By Robin will have the purple tent up trimmed with a brand new sign.  I posted a picture of it on NBR’s facebook page a few weeks ago.  In the meantime, I have been working on multiple projects to get ready for this monthly event.  Below is a picture of a couple I am currently working on.  All projects will be posted in the shop later this week to give you the opportunity to purchase.

Remember, you have the option to place orders anytime.  Another project I am working on is a custom order Spring wreath that is completely crocheted.  My favorite teacher who loves the color orange placed the order.  It’s really turning out cute and I will post a picture of it for fun.

Spring is here and it’s time to clean the yard, deck and decorate the porches.  I would love to design something special for your home.  Give me call! ~ Robin

Spring Projects


March 25th         Fourth Friday,  4PM – 8PM, 208 Hay Street, Fayetteville, NC

Redo (April Showers…)

There are times after you finish a project, (such as April Showers) you look at it and think there’s something missing.  Maybe there isn’t enough color, dimension or you just don’t like the way it came together.  The solution?  Take it apart and redo.  This is what I did with the wreath I posted earlier today.  It just didn’t have enough…pop.  So here it is after a redo.  Ahh…better!

April Showers Redo




Up North in Michigan where I was raised, there was a saying “April Showers Brings May Flowers.”  However here in southern North Carolina, it’s more that March showers brings April flowers.  When I ventured to the store earlier this week, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Bradford Pear trees and daffodils in bloom.  Absolutely beautiful!

I found this umbrella wall hanger and it brought inspiration to build a wreath around it.  No matter where you live, it depicts the saying “April Showers Brings May Flowers.”  Have a sunny-filled day! ~ Robin

April Showers



What’s New?

What is new for NBR?  Many things.  I have been planning, creating and working to get ready for Fourth Friday scheduled for March 25th.  The purple tent of NBR will have a new sign and displays filled for your shopping happiness. Along with this, I have been fulfilling contractual obligations and orders.  Fun!!

What’s not new and growing old rapidly,  is the fact that I have been suffering sinus, ear and throat infections for the past six weeks.  Currently, on my fifth antibiotic.  It has challenged me to stay on task and keep the commitments that were made.  Okay enough drudge, back to fun!  During this recuperation time I have been perusing my favorite fellow crafters’ sites to see what they have been up to.  In the process, I found a couple of projects.  The picture of the baby chicks and bunny basket are works in progress, but I thought I would share.  You can find the pattern for the baby chicks created by Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me at her website, http://www.repeatcrafterme.com.  The bunny basket will have a face and tail, just deciding what I want to do.  The finished result will be posted on NBR’s Facebook page.

In the second picture, the wreath is not new.  However, I couldn’t resist purchasing the adorable bunny tail and quickly adding to it.  Isn’t it cute?  Love it!  Still for sale with no additional cost.

Finally, in answer to several questions regarding Easter wreaths reflecting our risen King, Jesus?  Yes, I do create and make these.  I recently purchased some beautiful lilies and crosses to do just that.  Give me a call, I would love to make a special one for you.

Well, until the next blog post, may your days be abundantly filled with blessings ~ Robin

Easter 2016vcm_s_kf_repr_734x707

Baby Bunting Cocoon

Today I thought I would share a couple of projects “hot off the hook”.  These were made for a couple of mommies that are expecting their new arrivals very soon.  The first one is the popular baby stroller/carrier blanket.  This smaller version measure approximately 26″ x 30″ and is perfect to wrap baby in when riding in a stroller or car carrier.  It’s also a perfect size to bring home new baby from the hospital.  WARNING!  Baby can become completely attached and will want to carry them around.

My second project is this adorable baby bunting cocoon.  This is new to NBR’s inventory, however I believe it will become popular.  It is soft and will keep baby warm while sleeping or being cuddled by mommy or daddy.  The cocoon can be made unlined or lined.  I’m planning to line this one with a very soft, light weight fleece in a shade of blue.  Don’t you love the hoodie!  I found this pattern from Bag-O-Day Crochet.

Stay in touch, there is more to come…

Photo Shoot

One of my favorite models and I came together for a photo shoot.  My youngest granddaughter is a natural and the camera lens loves her, (yes, I’m a proud grandma).   Honestly, she truly is a hoot to work alongside.  She is modeling one of her favorite friends in the whole wide world, Minnie Mouse.  As you can see she is very happy Gee Gee made this hat special for her.  We had lots of fun and hope you will enjoy a few of the photos.


Photo Shoot1 Photo Shoot2 Photo Shoot3.jpg Photo Shoot5 Photo Shoot6 Photo Shoot4

Love those dimples!

Be sure to check out Robin’s Nest (Shoppe)!


Superbowl Sunday 2016

Are you ready for some F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L?!  Oh, yes!  We are in the process of getting ready for our family Superbowl party.  Food, (of course all of our favorites) and attire are very important as we sit around the television.  Who are we cheering on?  This special hat was made to show who we support to win!

Panthers FB Hat



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