Are You Ready For Some Football?!

We all know the month of August is still considered summer on the calendar.  However with the colleges, senior and middle schools, it is football season.  These young athletes have been practicing daily to prepare for the 2016 season. The first game kicks off in a couple of weeks.

We the fans are also preparing for the first game.  Here in the south we will be tolerating extreme high temperatures.  But that heat of the day will not deter us from wearing our spirit wear to root on our favorite team in the stands.  Pictured below NBR has the perfect hat that can be made in any team color for your local, collegiate or professional football team.  What a great way to show support for your Number 1 team!

Panthers FB Hat

Football Team Hats

Comes in Toddler to Adults sizes    Price: $25

Are you ready for some football?!!!  Let NBR help you get ready in style! ~ Robin

July 2016 Fourth Friday

Last night at Fayetteville After Five was a fun-filled night!  A big shout out to Fayetteville Arts Council, Dogwood Festival Committee and the entire downtown businesses.  Please allow me to give a small recap of the evening festivities.  There was music of all types on the street corners.  Several dance teams dancing from a variety of cultures, they were absolutely beautiful.  Talented local artists showing their works of art to the community.  Fairies of all types walking the streets and being apart of a scavenger hunt for children.  Local businesses doing their part to be apart of the celebration.  Ohhh…the food smells wafting the air.  Mmmm…still can smell them.  The tremendous heat of the day did not deter the energized downtown celebration.

Fourth Friday 062216b

I never know who will stop by and share at NBR’s tent. What I do know, that it is fun for me.  Fayetteville Police officers John and Randy stopped by, we had a great visit.  Lots of laughs.  They were walking the streets keeping everyone safe…big thank you for your service.  Previous clients stopped by…so good to see you!  However interestingly, several men stopped by and asked if I could make special wreaths for their front doors, (ladies there are some handsome single men available!).  My last customer for the evening, Alex stopped by asking about making a military wreath, (he wasn’t the only one requesting for one last night).  What I remember about him was that bright smile.  Lolita and her friend stopped by, loved working with them and giving ideas.  Darlene was a delight…loved sharing with her.  Teenagers playing Pokemon Go were so much fun!  I loved their spirit.  Many families stopped by, some new to the community…welcome to Fayetteville!

After the tearing down and packing up the cars, my hubby, daughter, special friend and I walked down to Festival Park to hear a band play their hearts out for an Eagles Tribute.  They did a fantastic job!  Lots of smiles, dancing and cheers during their performance. I look a little withered from working in the heat, but it didn’t matter we had a great time!

Finally, I want to thank my daughter for helping me set up and tear down the tent.  She is  my greatest support.  Thank you to my hubby for the pictures and support, he is my love and my rock!  Sharon, love you!  Not last or least, many thanks to David Sattlemeyer from Patriot Century 21 Real Estate for sharing his store front.  I am known as Mom to all of the agents and I love each and everyone.  They are a wonderful extended family!

Until the next post, may God bless all of you! ~ Robin


Little Helpers

Yesterday I posted on NBR’s Facebook page a picture of a couple of little helpers.  They were helping me put together gift baskets for a local business here in town.  It was getting close to bedtime for these little ones and we began picking up toys when we realized Mr. Zebra finger puppet was missing.  As you can imagine, the family search party began.  You have to have all five finger puppets to sing Papa, Mommy, Avery, Aubrey and Amber finger!  We searched and searched the house and couldn’t find Mr. Zebra.  Distress was filling the air quickly.  We comforted our little helper and finally she went to sleep.

I sat down and began wrapping the gift baskets we had been working on earlier in the day.  My mind was still dwelling on Mr. Zebra when I recalled that Mr. Tiger, Mr. Giraffe, Mr. Monkey and Mr. Elephant were scattered around the baskets.  Could it be possible?  No…I have two wrapped and bowed!  I reached in the current basket I was working on and to my delight nestled in the paper shred was … Mr. Zebra!  Happy days!  Little helper will be very excited in the morning!  I love toddler world!

Little Helpers

Happy Nesting! ~ Robin

Summer Slippers

A couple of days ago I had posted on NBR’s Facebook page that I was curious with the latest craze in the crochet world, crochet slippers made with flip flops.  As promised I finished a pair and posted pictures below.

The crocheted piece of the slippers is made with 100% soft cotton. I have to admit they are lightweight and very comfortable.  These will make a great stocking stuffer for Christmas! Order a few in various sizes and colors for that last minute gift.  They come in adult and children sizes.  Prices:  $10 for Adult  $7 for children.  I will definitely have a few available for sale at Fourth Friday coming up in July.

Now for my fellow crocheters.  The pattern is from Make And Do Crew.  Here is the link for your convenience.

These are my thoughts regarding the pattern.  The designer/pattern uses a size 9-10 (women’s) flip flop from Walmart.  I am using flip flops from Michael’s ($1/pair), women’s  S (6-7), M (8-9) and L (10-11).  Pictured is a size small.  I marked off 53 holes (stitches) 1/3″ apart and 1/4″ from the edge of the flip flop around.  The slipper came out great and snugs the foot.  I haven’t calculated the number in the size M or L, however will use the same gauge/measurements stated above.  The holes on the bottom of the slippers were nagging me.  It didn’t look finished to sell.  So I cut the stems completely off the round pieces and hot glued them back onto the bottom of the flip flop.

Have fun nesting ~ Robin



Beaches, Babies and Kids

Summer is here!  Did anyone observe the full moon on the first day of summer?  It is known as the “strawberry moon,” when a full moon occurs during the Summer Solstice.  The last one was in 1967, the next one is in 2062, (just a little trivia).

When I reflect on summer, I think of beaches, babies and kids.  Beaches with sun shining, sandy toes, the smell of salt water, shells, fish and warm breezes.  Babies experiencing the feel of waves and sand for the first time, (have you ever noticed babies will eat sand). Kids building sand castles, digging holes, playing with every type of water toy made and squealing with joy.

I came up with a few things to express beaches, babies and kids for Nesting By Robin…

Fourth Friday is today at 5PM in downtown Fayetteville, NC.  NBR will be there celebrating summer!  Stop by and visit the tent and find all of these goodies and more! ~ Robin


Newsboy Crochet Hat

Our featured picture is Nesting By Robin’s new Newsboy Crochet Hat.  Since the model, (our grandson) was unavailable for a photo shoot because of distance, our granddaughter was kind enough to allow me to use her Baby Elsa.  I thought little Elsa did a great job!

You’ll find further information regarding the hats in the Spring/Summer Shoppe.

Now for a story…last Friday Nesting By Robin was at Fourth Friday in downtown Fayetteville.  A young boy around the age of 7-8 years old came up to the booth.  He was dressed in a costume.  I believe he thought he was Peter Pan.  Cutest little guy with questions galore.  “Did you make the hats?”  “Did you make that big wreath?”  “Wow, I like them!”  He was so engrossed, he didn’t realize his Mommy and siblings had left the booth and was walking down the sidewalk.  This little guy had so many questions and coming at a rapid speed, I couldn’t get a word in to answer.  And I certainly couldn’t inform him that his family had left.  Finally, he hesitated to take a breath.  I took advantage quickly and pointed him toward the direction of his family.  As ran from the booth he shouted in a loud voice, “I will be back!”   I have this feeling he will.

THANK YOU – Second Anniversary!

Wow, Nesting By Robin began two years ago.  I have been reminiscing over the past couple of years by going through the earlier posts, pictures, drawings and calendar of events.  A lot has happened.  A couple of my favorite posts were “Save the Ta-ta’s” and “That Whatup.” Still chuckling over those precious times.

I thought I would post a few of my favorite pictures just for fun, (and I do mean a few).

Many thank you’s to all of my Nester fans for your support and love.  Because of you Nesting By Robin will continue on a new journey for this third season.  May you receive abundant blessings as God and you have given me.  ~ Robin  Selfie2


Keep On Swimming

In the famous words of Dory…”Keep on swimming” in this adorable mermaid tail afghan. This is  a new item in the Nesting By Robin Spring/Summer Shoppe.  Our little mermaid is swimming in the size medium, however it comes in small (toddler) and large (adult) sizes too.  Advance ordering required.

Pink Mermaid Tail

Sunflowers, Strawberries and Music

Last week a beautiful lady was no longer bound to this earth but instead is in heaven.  I was asked prior to her leaving to put together a memorial wreath that reflected her.  After prayers and tears, the Lord guided me to what He wanted this world to remember.  Sunshine yellow was one of her favorite colors.  She loved sunflowers, irises and fresh berries from the farm.  Music…being a choir director at church, music surrounded her.  All of these favorites reflected Ann.  God’s memory of her for us left behind will always be bright yellow as sunshine, sunflowers, strawberries and music.  She truly resonated to the world what she wanted others to do…”Love One Another.”

Ann's Memorial Wreath

Beautiful Lady you will be missed…


NBR Update

Hi Nesters!  As promised, I am posting three new wreaths.  You will find them in the Spring/Summer Shoppe.  I have three more in the works and will try to post them before I leave for the CCC Annual Spring Fling tomorrow.

There’s going to be so much fun around the purple tent.  Can’t wait to share stories and pictures with you.  Until the next blog post, Have a wonderful weekend! ~ Robin

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