Love My Clients…

Hi Everyone!

Do you have a client that regularly orders from you?  I have several, however this client is a local realtor.  She keeps me busy because every house she sells, the new homeowners receive a monogrammed wreath to place on their door.

My client will send me a picture of the front of the house from which I design a burlap/floral wreath to coordinate the colors.  I use an unfinished wooden letter ordered from Amazon and painted it myself.

If interest, I have posted the link for the wooden letter below.  Just click on the image.  I have ordered several and really love the quality.

I love my clients!


Easter and Spring Wreath Shoppe

Hi Everyone!

It’s been awhile since my last blog post,  however I have been working hard in moving Nesting By Robin to the next level in the business world.   I am really excited with the new changes that are coming together and will be announcing everything in the future.

In the meantime, I am happy to announce I have added to the NBR’s website the Easter and Spring Wreath Shoppe.  Come, browse and purchase right from the shop.    Remember,  you also can request custom orders.

Sneek preview:

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Until the next blog…Robin





Pro Bow?!

Brrr…it is cold outside!  Here in Fayetteville, NC schools and most businesses are closed today after we received a night of snow and very cold temperatures.  Several have experienced power outages in surrounding areas, however my family is safe and warm.

My deliveries were canceled for today, so I started shopping on a few of my distributor websites.  As I was shopping I ventured over to Amazon.  Many fellow wreath builders and DIY crafters have been raving about the Pro Bow.  I must admit that I have watched a few of these individuals give demonstrations on how to use this phenomenal tool.  The bows truly come out beautiful and it cuts down time when needing to cut ribbon strips for making wreaths.  Okay, I’m sold on this idea and purchased one today.   It will be here in a couple of days and I am ready for the challenge to try out Pro Bow.  Check it out from the link posted below.

 Pro Bow the Hand Bow Maker – Large – NEW IMPROVED MODEL

Hmm…  I may need to do a Facebook Live when it comes in and we will take a journey together to make a bow, (or wreath)!  We’ll find out if this young at heart dog can learn a new trick.

Until then…

Give Handmade

Are you wondering what to give to the special people in your life for Christmas.  Don’t discount to give handmade.  During Thanksgiving weekend my grandchildren were individually coming to me asking if I would make them something special they wanted for me to make.  I have to admit they knew what they wanted.  My adult children were nodding their heads commenting they would love to see those special requests under the Christmas tree this year.  They were letting me know those handmade blankets, scarves, hats, and pillows were important to their children.

I remember on Christmas Day my brother, sisters and myself unwrapping several gifts of slippers, sweaters and scarves hand knitted from my Grandmother.  I still have a few and wear today along with the warm memories of each one.  Special times.


Wouldn’t you like to pass on memories of your own to your children? So think about it, give handmade this year.  The current trends come and go quickly.  Trust me from my experience, those handmade gifts will continue giving.

Now for some NEWS!  I am excited to share that Nesting By Robin’s website is now designed for you to purchase directly online.  Be sure to stop and browse in the Winter Wonderland Shoppe and see what is readily available for Christmas.  I am still designing and making more products which will be posted in the shoppe as soon as they are completed.

You will still have the option to place a special order by directly contacting me.  Nesting By Robin’s contact information can be found under the “About” tab.  All orders for Christmas must be completed by December 15th for delivery by Christmas Eve.  So, don’t wait to place your order!

I have an event that I will be participating on Saturday, December 9th at Gillis Hill Road Produce here in Fayetteville, NC.  For my local customers, the event begins at 10AM.  Hope to see you there!



Webmaster Robin

A couple of weeks ago I upgraded NBR’s website.  As a new online retailer, it is exciting to share that you will be able to purchase directly from the Fall Wreaths 2017 page.  Why did I start with this page?  Honestly, less inventory and since I’m Webmaster Robin for now, it was a safe place for me to begin.  If everything goes as well as I believe, the new Christmas inventory will be posted for immediate purchase from the website.

My next set of goals for the future is first, not to be intimidated being Webmaster Robin. Second, to have my customers able to place custom orders and pay directly from this site.  These goals I hope will come to fruition soon.


If you haven’t, I would be honored for your support for Nesting By Robin.  You can do so by following this website, and “Like” and “Share” my Facebook page.  For those that are my supporters, a humble thank you from a grateful heart.

Do you have comments or questions?  Please share on NBR’s website or Personal Message me on NBR’s Facebook page.  From my home to yours, I would love to hear from you! ~ Robin



Pumpkin Patch

Last Saturday was a beautiful fall day on a local farm. Nesting By Robin’s blue tent was nestled in a pumpkin patch participating along with other vendors in the Support Your Local Business Event. The pumpkin patch was filled with every variety of pumpkins, colorful mums, wagon rides, corn maze, the produce stand and homemade ice cream. Yep! The place was buzzing with kids of all ages having a great time with Mommy and Daddy.

Many of you know that I love to share a story or two of what happens at the blue tent. Well, I have several but here is a couple that had me laughing.

A small boy who was around 4 years old was shopping with mommy. He was trying on the candy corn hat and then the minion hat. Found treasures of ghosts and pumpkins when he suddenly turned and spotted my McDonald’s cup filled with ice tea sitting in the arm of my chair. He promptly came up to me and said, “I would like a kid’s meal with chicken nuggets…” While he continued, I quickly realized he was ordering a meal from me thinking I worked for McDonald’s. Laughter started around the tent when mommy and other customers heard me apologize that I couldn’t help him with his order. Oh, my! He was so serious and I had tears rolling down my cheeks while suppressing my laughter. Such a cutie!!

This little girl, who is my featured picture was adorable! She tried on every style hat that was on display. Mommy was trying hard to convince her in accepting a certain type of hat. This little tike was not having it. Suddenly, her eyes got big and a squeal came from her when she found HER hat. The dark pink and frosted green owl was the winner! She began twirling and dancing around the tent excitedly wearing her special hat. Another cutie!

Did I mention the young man who grabbed a minion hat thinking it was free to take? Or that Mommy and sister chased him around the pumpkin patch trying to catch him? Oh yes, a great day of kid stories. Wish I could share them all! ~ Robin (lol)

Upcoming Event:

October 14th: North Carolina Grape Festival, Lu Mil Vineyard, Dublin, NC

Pirate Pete…Arrgh!

Pirate Pete is the newest addition to Nesting By Robin’s Fall Wreaths 2017.  When I found him I really liked his personality.  He reminded me of Captain Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  Therefore I was inspired to build him into a wreath with black sequin tree branches and flying silver ghosts for display on a front door or wall.  I really love this character piece!

Pirate Pete.  He will be a great center point to build around in your Halloween decorating.  You can find him under the Fall Wreath 2017 tab for immediate purchase through PayPal.