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Hey friends, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. My family and I had a great time.

Just a quick not to you. It is still Cyber week in Nesting By Robin’s shop. There are still lots of items marked 20% off for your purchasing enjoyment! Don’t wait, sale ends Wednesday November 30th!

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A Gift From The Heart

What are your favorite memories of Christmas?  Do you crave the familiar smells of homemade sugar, chocolate chip or ginger cookies?  How about the fresh pine scent from a traditional evergreen tree?  What about the outdoor smell from a wood burning stove?  What about the homemade gift you received that you still have unable to let it go because it was made from the heart?

How about giving a gift from the heart?  That’s what we all try to do, right?  If you’re looking for that special unique gift, for your special someone or the person that’s a challenge to buy for below are some gift ideas that are made with love and care. 

Maybe, add to someone’s holiday traditions with a new wreath or a Christmas lantern and swag.  How about making someone’s feet cozy and bright with a pair of Santa or turkey slippers.

Do you know someone who loves bees?  Our beehive is a bestseller.

If you’re looking for that special gift or gifts for the holidays, think about giving a gift made from the heart. Find a great selection to choose at 

And don’t forget to treat yourself.  Maybe, start or add to your own holiday traditions, too.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hannukah! ***Robin

What Is Different?

Hi friends! Did you know there are wreaths designed to be hung more than one way? There are. At times, a wreath designer will create a wreath to be hung interchangeably on your wall or door. This allows you to make a slight change with your wreath and your decor will appear differently. You could have a lot of fun doing this with your family and friends with them wondering “what is different?”. I have an example of a wreath to show you the tip below.

What do you think? One wreath hung five different ways to make a slightly different look.

If you are interested in this wreath, you can find it in NBR’s Etsy shop at While you’re in the shop be sure to check out the Clearance section.

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July 4th Sale

Are you ready to celebrate the 4th of July? Here at Nesting By Robin, I am celebrating by offering a 20% off sale on most items in my Etsy shop. Just click here and check it out!

Have fun shopping! – Robin


Are you a bumble bee lover? Do you like to decorate your home with bee decor? Thanks to many, the hottest item in my Etsy shop this spring and summer have been the bee hives. This little gem has made so many happy to add this hive to their bumble bee decor. I am humbled and grateful to those who have made this a “best seller” in the Etsy community. However, the most fun I have had are seeing the pictures sent of how these special people display their hives. So, I thought I would share a few with you.

Meet Arlyn. I don’t know who his friend is sitting next to him, but are they not a cute couple? His grandson, David is pretty special too. David knows grandpa is a big “bee lover” and purchased the bee hive for him. When Arlyn received his new hive, he emailed these pictures with the subject line saying “Check out my memoraBEElia”. Don’t you love his collection? I know I do! It was a blessing to receive these pictures and yes, surprised and appreciative seeing my business card added to his memoraBEElia. Thank you!

I love, love how Susan had displayed her bee hives! This is really a clever idea. Her front entry looks fabulous, wouldn’t you agree? Etsy marketing team thought so, they used this picture for one of their sponsored ads. Thank you for sharing with us!

Daedra was a lot of fun! She shared right away a picture of her bee hive being added to her memoraBEElia along with ladybugs. This is so bright and cheerful, doesn’t it cause you to smile? I love it!

These are just a few pictures, however there are many comments in the review section of my Etsy shop regarding how the bee hives are being used. Such as being used as a basket filler, as a gift idea, in a three tier tray decor, and one even mentioned using hers as centerpieces on tables for a shower. There are so many creative ideas, how would you use these bee hives? Send a message and share with us.

Until next time, BEE happy! – Robin

If you are interested in purchasing a bee hive, you will find them here:

Valentine’s Day

An inquiring mind would like to know. How many of you still have Christmas decorations up? How many of you partially take down your Christmas decorations? For example your Christmas tree becomes a “Holiday” tree. You remove the recently past season ornaments and adorn your beloved tree with the next holiday ornaments. Or…you leave up all of your snowmen decor, because technically it’s still winter and add Valentine’s decorations with it. My last question, do you straight up take down all of your Christmas decorations and redecorate for the next holiday, or go back to your original home decor? No judgement here because all of the answers shows your personality in decorating.

What do I do? I decorate for all of the holidays and seasons. I have to admit that I’m a little slow in removing Christmas decorations inside and outside my home. I light everything up until…now? Last week I did remove the Christmas tree and decorations but left up most of my snowmen decorations throughout the house.

Christmas removed from the fireplace mantle and ready to add…

Today, I removed all of the Christmas decorations in the yard which included an over six foot snowman blowup skiing on candy canes, (a story of me setting it up will be shared at another time). I also removed everything on the porch except the garland around the door and the projector in the front yard. Why? It’s time to decorate for Valentine’s Day. The projector has a great Valentine card to be displayed on the house,(for the kiddos), I added red lights to the lighted garland and placed a new wreath on the door. I will finish decorating the porch tomorrow. It’s freezing outside, ready to rain and I can tolerate just so much cold. I know…WIMP!

Now I may not be working outside the remainder of today, but I will be rummaging through boxes of packed treasures. Inspiration starts setting in when I’m digging around and start pulling them out. Some of my treasures are for the outside and some are for inside my home. Some of them have memories attached and some of them are supplies for DIY projects needing to be made. Whatever I find, it’s going to be fabulous when I am finished decorating.

So, whatever you do after the Christmas season is over, take a look around, find those treasures you may have packed away and enjoy decorating your home. You’ll be smiling with gratification at your fabulous work.

Until next time…Robin

Now let’s take a look at what’s going on in Nesting By Robin’s Etsy shop. Valentine’s Day is coming soon and my shop’s inventory is down to three wreaths for the holiday. There is also an Easter sale going on until January 31st. The best news is everything is ready to ship today!

Etsy Shop:

Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift? These flamingo slippers will be perfect to give to your special Valentine. They come in three sizes. S(5-6 US, M(7-8 US) and L(9-11 US). There are a limited amount available.

Find them at

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Gift Ideas For Christmas

Do you need a gift idea for Christmas? Slippers are the hot items in my Etsy shop. There are Santa, turkey and chicken slippers available. Soon to be added will be Flamingos, ( you can personal message me to custom order).

All of these can be found at

Santa Slippers:

Turkey Slippers:

Chicken Slippers:

Deadline to order these adorable slippers is December 13th. This will guarantee to arrive in time for Christmas!

Merry Christmas! – Robin


Thanksgiving Day is going to look a little different for some families this year. I am blessed that my small family will be gathering together to celebrate the holiday and my grandson’s 15th birthday. However, for those who cannot be with their families, we are blessed and thankful that we can still communicate with them.

I was crocheting a pair of turkey slippers one night and thought, what would I do if I could not be with my family? My resolution would be to schedule a family dinner virtually. I would schedule a time for dinner and ask everyone to make their turkey dinner. Then we can all meet on Skype or Facetime and eat together. I would also send a pair of these adorable turkey slippers to every hostess, to show gratitude for putting together a feast for their family.

Yes, things are going to be a little different this year, but we all can remain thankful for our families. Now I think I will phone my brother and sisters and see if they would like to try out my idea.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family… Robin

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of turkey slippers, you will find them in my Etsy Shop. The url is Please note that I will be accepting orders through Thursday, November 19th in order to have them shipped to you in time for Thanksgiving.

Need a Christmas idea for her? Nesting By Robin has Santa Slippers available.

Christmas and Fall wreaths on sale at

*Special thank you to Ms. Chyanne for giving permission to use her photo.

Fall Flavors of Coffee

I love fall, don’t you? I especially love all the colors and smells of fall. When you look outside and see the bright colors of gold, orange and red leaves against a Carolina blue sky, it’s hard not to be inspired to create and decorate your home. Oh, the smells of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger and maple syrup in fresh baked goods. Those wonderful smells permeating your home from pumpkin, sweet potato and apple pies. The flavors from pumpkin scones, muffins and sweet bread cannot be missed either.

Did I mention the fall coffee flavors? Let me tell you, I love tea also, but when all of those wonderful special blends of coffee appear in the coffee shops and grocery stores, I believe I am experiencing a little bit of heaven. Pumpkin Spice, Maple Bourbon and Maple Pecan just to name a few. However, my favorite fall flavor is Hot Butter Rum. I am like a child in the candy shop ready to buy my first bag of this delicious treat! The taste of warm butter and rum with a touch of caramelized sugar and vanilla cream…oh my…it just warms the soul. Add a pumpkin scone, sit back and enjoy.

Believe it or not, this is what inspired this month’s featured wreath. It is created with the colors of warm browns, cream, variegated purple florals, birch branches and dark foliage. The focal point…a steaming cup of coffee made of metal. In my mind’s eye, it is a steaming cup of hot butter rum coffee. You will find this small pretty wreath with extra pictures to view in my Etsy shop. The link is below for your convenience.

What are your favorite colors, flavors and smells of fall? I would love to hear from you. You can respond to me here in my website, or email me at

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful season of fall. Until next time…Robin

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