Sharing Love

Can you believe we are in the “love” month? Every week I volunteer with a classroom of twenty first graders. My job, is to come up with a craft for Fun Friday with these small creatives. This has given me the opportunity in sharing love of teaching and creating crafts.

For the past three weeks we have been busily making small gifts for Mom and Dad in celebration for Valentine’s Day. One of the projects their was making heart magnets for Mom. This project included teaching them to hand sew their first name initial. OMGosh, they have been so excited learning to sew! Their lighted faces and big smiles of accomplishing this small task is hard to express in words. Just know I will never forget this new memory. Cute!!!!

Now, I am sharing the love with you by attaching the url link to last week’s C & C Tuesday Facebook Live where I demonstrated two simple Valentine DIY’s for kids. It includes directions on how to make the heart magnets. The entire Live video is posted since I have not mastered editing video films. I hope you enjoy the video. ~ Robin

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Happy New Year, Happy New Decade!

Last night as I watched the ball in Times Square, NYC start to ascend up the tower, I thought the ball seemed brighter this year. Granted this is my mind’s eye, but it was different. As the ball disappeared saying goodbye to 2019 and welcoming 2020 in lights, the world had an epiphany moment. The beginning of a new decade as well as a new year. I wondered if many had the same feelings as myself of new restored hope and faith for the present and future days.

Do you keep a daily journal, (back in the days it was known as a diary)? I admit I try to keep one for each year. There are many days in each journal that were missing. I have kept both biblical and personal journals. Anyway, I pulled a few out last night to reflect and remember the journey I have been following for the past ten years. As I perused, I read documentation of my written prayers, business decisions, and the highs and lows of life. Glaringly, realization came to light that I didn’t record the days of even travel. You know, the days we consider uneventful. Are they? Are they uneventful? Or am I just not taking the few moments to reflect over the entire day and see that small snapshot of a moment. Maybe it was a smile from a stranger, a child or grandchild having a first time experience or maybe it’s a small growth experience. That small little blessing to bring joy, strength, or increase in hope and faith. How many have I overlooked? Too many for sure.

I’m really not sure where this blog is going. Just have thoughts of reflection rolling around with no definitive landing. What I do know, is my new year resolution will be keeping a daily journal “daily”. Each day I am going to commit to silent my mind, reflect and at minimum write a sentence. I really believe this is doable for me. “January 1, 2020. Dear Diary… “

New Journal…let the new year begin

What will your reachable resolution be for 2020 and the years to come? It will definitely be filled with new experiences in your journey of life. Wouldn’t it be fun to write them down?

Happy New Year, Happy New Decade! May the roaring 20’s be filled with blessings of good health, prosperity and a bright future for you and yours. ~ Robin

It's Cyber Monday

It’s Cyber Monday and Nesting By Robin is participating. If you’re looking for Christmas decorations or Christmas gift ideas, take a peek and see!

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Do you recall your first pet?  Was it a dog, cat, frog, goldfish, tadpoles, or hamster?  When I think back, our parent’s home had one or more of these pets during our childhood.  There was a time when Mom really wasn’t appreciative when I brought home a snake.  That’s another story to share later…  However my very first pet and one of my fondest was a dachshund, Jasper.

Jasper was a full size dachshund.  He was completely black accept for his brown eyebrows and paws.  Through my toddler eyes, he was big and solid.  I loved him!  Jasper would let me roll all over him, tug his ears and tail, all the while laying patiently as I played with him.  A child’s dream dog.

Yes, Jasper was a great family dog.  However, he was the greatest escape artist.  When Mom would let him out in the evening, Jasper always was able escape from the fenced in backyard.  I can remember being put in the car and Mom driving through the neighborhood streets to find him.  Sometimes, we would be lucky and find him.  Other times, he would be gone for two to three days and then return home.  There was a joke between my parents that Jasper had a girlfriend.  This escapade went on for a few years until the last great escape when Jasper never returned home.  I was heart broken.  But, as I stated before we had other pets growing up including a beagle/springer spaniel mix named Spot, (we’ll save the stories of Spot for another time).   Jasper will always have a special place in my heart.

Why the story?  I found this adorable sign at #biglots of a black dachshund dressed in plaid for Christmas.  This find  immediately sent my thoughts to Jasper.  So of course I had to purchase it!  Then I found these adorable dachshund ornaments.  Yep, purchased them, brought my treasures home and began to design a Dachshund Christmas Wreath honoring my first pet, Jasper.  I’m loving it!

I’m still tweaking, but here is a picture.  I’m thinking I need bones, what do you think?

If you’re interested in having this adorable wreath as part of your Christmas decor, here is the link below.

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History of Wreaths

Wreaths…during Holidays and Special Occasions we think about wreaths for our front and back doors, as wall decor and even as centerpieces.   There are large wreaths, small wreaths, and different shapes yet they are beautiful and add so much to your home decor.


But, have you ever wondered the history of wreaths?  This history takes us back to the ancient culture of the Persian Empire.  Wreaths were actually called diadems, meaning “a thing bound around”.  They would use a band of fabric worn around the brow of a royal bonnet, symbolizing royalty.


The next era in history was the Greek Empire.  During the Greek Olympics wreaths made of various leaves were used as prizes.  They were typically made from olive or laurel leaves.  The meaning of the wreath became the symbol of peace.


Diadems and wreaths didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the world’s elite.  Soon the upper classes of their countries were designing headdresses of their own.  They made them with precious metals and jewels from which they became very ornate.


In time, all social classes wore wreaths to celebrate special occasions and to honor religious holidays.  As history continued the wreath transitioned from “wreaths as a head ornament” to “wreaths as a wall or door decoration”.  The transition may have started with someone loving their festival headdress and placed it on their wall or door to be on display as a memory.  I can imagine that clearly, can you?

Today, we don’t have to be among the upper classes or elite to display a beautiful wreath.  Now, the wreath is a symbol of “Welcome” to our neighbors and friends.  It also continues to be an important symbol of holiday decorating.


There are other places in your home where a wreath can add that very special touch with your perfect door wreath!  You can add a small wreath in a bathroom or bedroom designed with small dainty flowers and a cute bird perched on her nest will add beauty, color and texture on a wall or mirror.  A festive wreath over the fireplace plus adding matching garland and candles will be a beautiful focal point during the Christmas holiday season, (don’t forget your tree!)  This, too adds color and texture to your room.  Dining rooms and kitchens are no exception.  A decorative wreath surrounding candles makes a great centerpiece arrangement on your buffet or dining table.  Small kitchen themed wreaths adds character to your kitchen decor.

There are many places in your home where wreaths are pretty, appropriate, and draw the eye of friends and guests…just tap into your creativity! ~ Robin

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Barbecue and Shopping

Can you believe it’s Labor Day Weekend?! How many of you have plans for a cook out with family and friends? I know our family has plans. To be honest I can guarantee the ladies attending will be sitting around enjoying the barbecue and shopping online. They will be sharing and discussing all the great finds from the Labor Day Weekend Sales. What can I say, they love to eat and shop.

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Dusting Off

Do you have a talent or skill set that has been dormant?  You’ve discovered a new talent and have been so focused you haven’t thought about it in months or years?   A new project came to mind for me to create and I needed to do a little dusting off.

Sitting in the corner of the craft nest was my sewing machine.  An old friend that my mother bought for me when I was a eleven years old.  Next to it was a portable sewing machine that I bought shortly after I married.  Both have not been used in years.  I was so inspired with my new project I picked up the portable, set it on the craft nest and opened it.  I carefully cleaned it and checked the machine over.  It was in great condition!  Ready to go to work!


I carefully designed my patterns, something I haven’t done in a while.  Just like learning the skill to ride a bike, it all came back.  Before long I was sewing together a Halloween fabric pumpkin.  A joy came over me while continuing to put together eight more of various sizes.

While sewing the granddaughters came in to see what I was doing.  They never seen me sew and they were intrigued.  They began to ask questions and wanted to learn.  It was so much fun watching them feel the power of the sewing machine.  Seeing the joy on their faces when they accomplished each small task.  Even stuffing the pumpkins, lol!  They were so inspired they were coming up with their own creative ideas.  Thank goodness I have two sewing machines for them to create, if you know what I mean!

In short, it was a great dusting off day!  Below are pictures of what we had created!


Aren’t they cute!  They are available in my Etsy Shop!  Free Domestic Shipping

URL to the listings are below the pictures for your convenience.


20190823_195802.jpg  (crochet ghost not included)

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Next Step

Have you ever let fear keep you from doing the next step to anything in your life?  I’m referring to anything new and causes you to step out of your comfort space.  It could be in your personal or career life.  Taking that next step can be scary.  However I have found, I was the reason for not taking that next step.  Trusting in faith to move forward.  Does this sound like you?

I have a short story about my granddaughter, Avery.  She is fifteen, a sophomore in high school, honor student and a tremendous soccer player.  Being her GeeGee (grandma), I know she hesitates in other things in her life.  I have asked her a few times to do a Facebook Live and create a project with me.  Avery is artistic and I thought she would would be great to be in the craft nest with her.  She always turned me down making excuses.  In nature, she is an introvert.

Last night to my pleasant surprise, she not only asked but was excited to make a wreath.  More of surprise for me, she agreed to create it on a Facebook Live.  Side note: she was revved up on a caffeine high from a coffee drink from the mall.  Liquid courage?! We will never know.  Back to the story… Avery did it!  She was creating, chatting with our fans and she did a great Job!  I will admit we did two videos to make the wreath.  But the point is she took the step of faith and overcame her fear.

20190427_125359.jpgMeet Avery 

Creating and chatting during the FB Live

I have several actions I personally need to move forward.  However, those voices of doubt and fear have been speaking loudly in my head.  Voices of “not being good enough,” “making mistakes,” and “what if I fail?”  After watching Avery, I stopped and took pause.  Avery’s step of faith was not only inspirational but a reminder that I need to stop listening to those voices, get out my own way and just do it.  Do it by faith!  Avery did and look what she accomplished.

20190427_121254.jpgAvery’s creation

What do you think?  Are you ready to step out of your way and take that first step?   I know you can do it.  Just do it! ~ Robin

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Decorating With Bows

Christmas is coming quickly and many of us love to decorate for the season.  We rummage through our Christmas decorations to see what we can reuse and what we need to replace.  Better yet, we decide to change everything to reflect the current trend because we love it!  You shop and purchase for the perfect decorations such as a new wreath.  Have you ever purchased a handmade wreath online and wish you had matching bows to be used in garland, on your porch rail, or mailbox?

I love decorating with ribbon and bows!  Doesn’t matter what season or holiday, I love decorating by adding bows to wreaths, garland, trees, and mailbox as examples.  But, what do you do when you purchase a wreath you love online and you don’t have extra bows?  For a quick decorating tip, many of the wreaths designed for Nesting By Robin have included two or three large removable bows.  If you choose, these bows can be unwired from the frame on the back side of the wreath.


When lifting the bow carefully from the wreath underneath there will be the same ribbon tails that run through the entire wreath.  Your wreath will not be damaged or the design ruined.


You will most likely need to fluff those tails which will only take a minute to do.  Simply run your thumb and index finger along the wired edge and slightly curve as you move the along the ribbon.


Here is an example of what your ribbon tails should look after fluffing.


Take your bow(s) and reattach to your garland.  Whether you hang your wreath over your fireplace or on your front door, your garland with the matching bows will give you that complete finished touch.


Beautiful!  A tip that is a simple and easy solution to decorating.  So the next time you purchase a wreath with multiple bows, give it a try.

Have fun! ~ Robin

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Facebook Lives???!

This past May a challenge was brought down on many of we online business owners.  Our business coach threw down the gauntlet to motivate us off the proverbial fence and begin doing Facebook Lives.  This challenge also came with enticing incentives to get us motivated.  Monthly winners and the grand prize winner if we successfully completed the challenge.

The challenge…..beginning in June and ending in December, we were to have a minimum of two Facebook Lives per week on our business pages.  Facebook Lives???!  I started stressing and perspiring just thinking about it, let alone doing them!  On the other hand, this feisty redhead cannot turn down a challenge!  So with butterflies flying in my tummy, sweaty palms and feeling anxious in regards to managing a “Live,” I began my first one.  To my surprise, it went fairly well.  A few bumps along the way, but it went well, and I had a great time!

Since then, I have had several Facebook Lives.  I still get butterflies and a little nervous before each one, however the rewards have been remarkable.  I have met so many wonderful and supportive women and men along this journey.  Fellow sisters and brothers around the world have encouraged, inspired, laughed and traveled with me during these Lives.  My creative juices are growing and transforming into each new project I bring to my craft room.  But, what is truly rewarding is the sharing and making new friends.  The challenge is not so important to me now, going Live in front of my phone camera is important for those very reasons.  Bringing the world family together and having fun creating.  ~ Robin

Here are a few pictures of what was created during Nesting By Robin’s Facebook Live…


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