Valentine’s Day

An inquiring mind would like to know. How many of you still have Christmas decorations up? How many of you partially take down your Christmas decorations? For example your Christmas tree becomes a “Holiday” tree. You remove the recently past season ornaments and adorn your beloved tree with the next holiday ornaments. Or…you leave up all of your snowmen decor, because technically it’s still winter and add Valentine’s decorations with it. My last question, do you straight up take down all of your Christmas decorations and redecorate for the next holiday, or go back to your original home decor? No judgement here because all of the answers shows your personality in decorating.

What do I do? I decorate for all of the holidays and seasons. I have to admit that I’m a little slow in removing Christmas decorations inside and outside my home. I light everything up until…now? Last week I did remove the Christmas tree and decorations but left up most of my snowmen decorations throughout the house.

Christmas removed from the fireplace mantle and ready to add…

Today, I removed all of the Christmas decorations in the yard which included an over six foot snowman blowup skiing on candy canes, (a story of me setting it up will be shared at another time). I also removed everything on the porch except the garland around the door and the projector in the front yard. Why? It’s time to decorate for Valentine’s Day. The projector has a great Valentine card to be displayed on the house,(for the kiddos), I added red lights to the lighted garland and placed a new wreath on the door. I will finish decorating the porch tomorrow. It’s freezing outside, ready to rain and I can tolerate just so much cold. I know…WIMP!

Now I may not be working outside the remainder of today, but I will be rummaging through boxes of packed treasures. Inspiration starts setting in when I’m digging around and start pulling them out. Some of my treasures are for the outside and some are for inside my home. Some of them have memories attached and some of them are supplies for DIY projects needing to be made. Whatever I find, it’s going to be fabulous when I am finished decorating.

So, whatever you do after the Christmas season is over, take a look around, find those treasures you may have packed away and enjoy decorating your home. You’ll be smiling with gratification at your fabulous work.

Until next time…Robin

Now let’s take a look at what’s going on in Nesting By Robin’s Etsy shop. Valentine’s Day is coming soon and my shop’s inventory is down to three wreaths for the holiday. There is also an Easter sale going on until January 31st. The best news is everything is ready to ship today!

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