Grandma’s Garden

One of the questions I am asked is where does my inspiration come from when creating. This is a good question. My answer is, multiple places such as memories, traveling, a painting, walking along a river, hiking, or just stumbling across a family heirloom. There are endless opportunities available to bring inspiration to create.

For example this wreath I am highlighting in today’s blog came from a memory of visiting my grandparent’s farm as a child. I loved exploring the barns, riding the tractor through the fields, milking the cows, feeding chickens and riding Granddad’s crazy donkey. I remember during milking time Granddad would sit on his stool. It wasn’t long before the barn cats would come and sit around him. They would just sit waiting for a squirt of milk being shot to them. Best meal ever as they lick their faces and paws! All fun for sure, but my fondest memory was walking to Grandma’s Garden with a basket in hand.

During late spring through fall, Grandma had a roadside stand. Here she would sell her home grown vegetables, fruit, homemade jams, pickles, beets, pumpkin butter and beautiful flowers. She was well known in the county for her garden skills. Believe me Grandma was hard working and very talented. We’ll continue with her story for another time.

During my visit after early breakfast and dishes done, Grandma and I would walk to her garden It was a jaunt from the farmhouse but once you arrived there was a very large garden that was nestled in front of a row of walnut trees. One half of the garden was filled with every type of vegetable, the other half was filled with beautiful, what she would call “wildflowers”. She created a well tended garden, but oh the wildflowers. They grew wild and free with butterflies, hummingbirds and bees all around them. Hanging on a pole in the middle of the garden watching attentively was a scarecrow made with a pair of Granddad’s denim overalls and a flannel shirt. It was a quiet and peaceful place to wander up and down the rows. We would prune and pick for quite awhile. Then I would hear her say, it was time to head back to the house. There we would wash and package our produce, wrap bouquets of flowers, pack her many jars of goodies in baskets and take all of this to set up at the stand. It wasn’t long after that cars from town and neighbors coming on tractors would line up along the road to shop from her stand until she closed.

My inspiration for this wreath? Grandma’s beautiful garden of wildflowers and the scarecrow watching over her labor of love.

Until the next time…Robin

If you are interested in having this wreath as part of your Fall decor, here is the link below:


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