Are you a bumble bee lover? Do you like to decorate your home with bee decor? Thanks to many, the hottest item in my Etsy shop this spring and summer have been the bee hives. This little gem has made so many happy to add this hive to their bumble bee decor. I am humbled and grateful to those who have made this a “best seller” in the Etsy community. However, the most fun I have had are seeing the pictures sent of how these special people display their hives. So, I thought I would share a few with you.

Meet Arlyn. I don’t know who his friend is sitting next to him, but are they not a cute couple? His grandson, David is pretty special too. David knows grandpa is a big “bee lover” and purchased the bee hive for him. When Arlyn received his new hive, he emailed these pictures with the subject line saying “Check out my memoraBEElia”. Don’t you love his collection? I know I do! It was a blessing to receive these pictures and yes, surprised and appreciative seeing my business card added to his memoraBEElia. Thank you!

I love, love how Susan had displayed her bee hives! This is really a clever idea. Her front entry looks fabulous, wouldn’t you agree? Etsy marketing team thought so, they used this picture for one of their sponsored ads. Thank you for sharing with us!

Daedra was a lot of fun! She shared right away a picture of her bee hive being added to her memoraBEElia along with ladybugs. This is so bright and cheerful, doesn’t it cause you to smile? I love it!

These are just a few pictures, however there are many comments in the review section of my Etsy shop regarding how the bee hives are being used. Such as being used as a basket filler, as a gift idea, in a three tier tray decor, and one even mentioned using hers as centerpieces on tables for a shower. There are so many creative ideas, how would you use these bee hives? Send a message and share with us.

Until next time, BEE happy! – Robin

If you are interested in purchasing a bee hive, you will find them here:


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