Decorating With Bows

Christmas is coming quickly and many of us love to decorate for the season.  We rummage through our Christmas decorations to see what we can reuse and what we need to replace.  Better yet, we decide to change everything to reflect the current trend because we love it!  You shop and purchase for the perfect decorations such as a new wreath.  Have you ever purchased a handmade wreath online and wish you had matching bows to be used in garland, on your porch rail, or mailbox?

I love decorating with ribbon and bows!  Doesn’t matter what season or holiday, I love decorating by adding bows to wreaths, garland, trees, and mailbox as examples.  But, what do you do when you purchase a wreath you love online and you don’t have extra bows?  For a quick decorating tip, many of the wreaths designed for Nesting By Robin have included two or three large removable bows.  If you choose, these bows can be unwired from the frame on the back side of the wreath.


When lifting the bow carefully from the wreath underneath there will be the same ribbon tails that run through the entire wreath.  Your wreath will not be damaged or the design ruined.


You will most likely need to fluff those tails which will only take a minute to do.  Simply run your thumb and index finger along the wired edge and slightly curve as you move the along the ribbon.


Here is an example of what your ribbon tails should look after fluffing.


Take your bow(s) and reattach to your garland.  Whether you hang your wreath over your fireplace or on your front door, your garland with the matching bows will give you that complete finished touch.


Beautiful!  A tip that is a simple and easy solution to decorating.  So the next time you purchase a wreath with multiple bows, give it a try.

Have fun! ~ Robin

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