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Have you ever let fear keep you from doing the next step to anything in your life?  I’m referring to anything new and causes you to step out of your comfort space.  It could be in your personal or career life.  Taking that next step can be scary.  However I have found, I was the reason for not taking that next step.  Trusting in faith to move forward.  Does this sound like you?

I have a short story about my granddaughter, Avery.  She is fifteen, a sophomore in high school, honor student and a tremendous soccer player.  Being her GeeGee (grandma), I know she hesitates in other things in her life.  I have asked her a few times to do a Facebook Live and create a project with me.  Avery is artistic and I thought she would would be great to be in the craft nest with her.  She always turned me down making excuses.  In nature, she is an introvert.

Last night to my pleasant surprise, she not only asked but was excited to make a wreath.  More of surprise for me, she agreed to create it on a Facebook Live.  Side note: she was revved up on a caffeine high from a coffee drink from the mall.  Liquid courage?! We will never know.  Back to the story… Avery did it!  She was creating, chatting with our fans and she did a great Job!  I will admit we did two videos to make the wreath.  But the point is she took the step of faith and overcame her fear.

20190427_125359.jpgMeet Avery 

Creating and chatting during the FB Live

I have several actions I personally need to move forward.  However, those voices of doubt and fear have been speaking loudly in my head.  Voices of “not being good enough,” “making mistakes,” and “what if I fail?”  After watching Avery, I stopped and took pause.  Avery’s step of faith was not only inspirational but a reminder that I need to stop listening to those voices, get out my own way and just do it.  Do it by faith!  Avery did and look what she accomplished.

20190427_121254.jpgAvery’s creation

What do you think?  Are you ready to step out of your way and take that first step?   I know you can do it.  Just do it! ~ Robin

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