Facebook Lives???!

This past May a challenge was brought down on many of we online business owners.  Our business coach threw down the gauntlet to motivate us off the proverbial fence and begin doing Facebook Lives.  This challenge also came with enticing incentives to get us motivated.  Monthly winners and the grand prize winner if we successfully completed the challenge.

The challenge…..beginning in June and ending in December, we were to have a minimum of two Facebook Lives per week on our business pages.  Facebook Lives???!  I started stressing and perspiring just thinking about it, let alone doing them!  On the other hand, this feisty redhead cannot turn down a challenge!  So with butterflies flying in my tummy, sweaty palms and feeling anxious in regards to managing a “Live,” I began my first one.  To my surprise, it went fairly well.  A few bumps along the way, but it went well, and I had a great time!

Since then, I have had several Facebook Lives.  I still get butterflies and a little nervous before each one, however the rewards have been remarkable.  I have met so many wonderful and supportive women and men along this journey.  Fellow sisters and brothers around the world have encouraged, inspired, laughed and traveled with me during these Lives.  My creative juices are growing and transforming into each new project I bring to my craft room.  But, what is truly rewarding is the sharing and making new friends.  The challenge is not so important to me now, going Live in front of my phone camera is important for those very reasons.  Bringing the world family together and having fun creating.  ~ Robin

Here are a few pictures of what was created during Nesting By Robin’s Facebook Live…


Be sure to visit my Etsy Shop where you will find these products and more at http://www.etsy.com/shop/nestingbyrobin.

If you would like to be a part of Nesting By Robin’s family, go to my business page at http://www.facebook.com/nestingbyrobin.  Click on the video dated July 26, (this is the most recent), start the video, type in “Live Alerts” in the comments.  My chat bot will appear and then type “Live Alerts” to activate the bot.  Then you will receive notifications when I “go live.”  Hope to see you in the craft room, where creativity and fun is a must!



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Mother, grandmother of six grandchildren, creative designer and entrepreneur. Visit the "About" page to learn more of me on my website: nestingbyrobin.com.

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