July 2016 Fourth Friday

Last night at Fayetteville After Five was a fun-filled night!  A big shout out to Fayetteville Arts Council, Dogwood Festival Committee and the entire downtown businesses.  Please allow me to give a small recap of the evening festivities.  There was music of all types on the street corners.  Several dance teams dancing from a variety of cultures, they were absolutely beautiful.  Talented local artists showing their works of art to the community.  Fairies of all types walking the streets and being apart of a scavenger hunt for children.  Local businesses doing their part to be apart of the celebration.  Ohhh…the food smells wafting the air.  Mmmm…still can smell them.  The tremendous heat of the day did not deter the energized downtown celebration.

Fourth Friday 062216b

I never know who will stop by and share at NBR’s tent. What I do know, that it is fun for me.  Fayetteville Police officers John and Randy stopped by, we had a great visit.  Lots of laughs.  They were walking the streets keeping everyone safe…big thank you for your service.  Previous clients stopped by…so good to see you!  However interestingly, several men stopped by and asked if I could make special wreaths for their front doors, (ladies there are some handsome single men available!).  My last customer for the evening, Alex stopped by asking about making a military wreath, (he wasn’t the only one requesting for one last night).  What I remember about him was that bright smile.  Lolita and her friend stopped by, loved working with them and giving ideas.  Darlene was a delight…loved sharing with her.  Teenagers playing Pokemon Go were so much fun!  I loved their spirit.  Many families stopped by, some new to the community…welcome to Fayetteville!

After the tearing down and packing up the cars, my hubby, daughter, special friend and I walked down to Festival Park to hear a band play their hearts out for an Eagles Tribute.  They did a fantastic job!  Lots of smiles, dancing and cheers during their performance. I look a little withered from working in the heat, but it didn’t matter we had a great time!

Finally, I want to thank my daughter for helping me set up and tear down the tent.  She is  my greatest support.  Thank you to my hubby for the pictures and support, he is my love and my rock!  Sharon, love you!  Not last or least, many thanks to David Sattlemeyer from Patriot Century 21 Real Estate for sharing his store front.  I am known as Mom to all of the agents and I love each and everyone.  They are a wonderful extended family!

Until the next post, may God bless all of you! ~ Robin



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