Little Helpers

Yesterday I posted on NBR’s Facebook page a picture of a couple of little helpers.  They were helping me put together gift baskets for a local business here in town.  It was getting close to bedtime for these little ones and we began picking up toys when we realized Mr. Zebra finger puppet was missing.  As you can imagine, the family search party began.  You have to have all five finger puppets to sing Papa, Mommy, Avery, Aubrey and Amber finger!  We searched and searched the house and couldn’t find Mr. Zebra.  Distress was filling the air quickly.  We comforted our little helper and finally she went to sleep.

I sat down and began wrapping the gift baskets we had been working on earlier in the day.  My mind was still dwelling on Mr. Zebra when I recalled that Mr. Tiger, Mr. Giraffe, Mr. Monkey and Mr. Elephant were scattered around the baskets.  Could it be possible?  No…I have two wrapped and bowed!  I reached in the current basket I was working on and to my delight nestled in the paper shred was … Mr. Zebra!  Happy days!  Little helper will be very excited in the morning!  I love toddler world!

Little Helpers

Happy Nesting! ~ Robin


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