Beaches, Babies and Kids

Summer is here!  Did anyone observe the full moon on the first day of summer?  It is known as the “strawberry moon,” when a full moon occurs during the Summer Solstice.  The last one was in 1967, the next one is in 2062, (just a little trivia).

When I reflect on summer, I think of beaches, babies and kids.  Beaches with sun shining, sandy toes, the smell of salt water, shells, fish and warm breezes.  Babies experiencing the feel of waves and sand for the first time, (have you ever noticed babies will eat sand). Kids building sand castles, digging holes, playing with every type of water toy made and squealing with joy.

I came up with a few things to express beaches, babies and kids for Nesting By Robin…

Fourth Friday is today at 5PM in downtown Fayetteville, NC.  NBR will be there celebrating summer!  Stop by and visit the tent and find all of these goodies and more! ~ Robin



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