Newsboy Crochet Hat

Our featured picture is Nesting By Robin’s new Newsboy Crochet Hat.  Since the model, (our grandson) was unavailable for a photo shoot because of distance, our granddaughter was kind enough to allow me to use her Baby Elsa.  I thought little Elsa did a great job!

You’ll find further information regarding the hats in the Spring/Summer Shoppe.

Now for a story…last Friday Nesting By Robin was at Fourth Friday in downtown Fayetteville.  A young boy around the age of 7-8 years old came up to the booth.  He was dressed in a costume.  I believe he thought he was Peter Pan.  Cutest little guy with questions galore.  “Did you make the hats?”  “Did you make that big wreath?”  “Wow, I like them!”  He was so engrossed, he didn’t realize his Mommy and siblings had left the booth and was walking down the sidewalk.  This little guy had so many questions and coming at a rapid speed, I couldn’t get a word in to answer.  And I certainly couldn’t inform him that his family had left.  Finally, he hesitated to take a breath.  I took advantage quickly and pointed him toward the direction of his family.  As ran from the booth he shouted in a loud voice, “I will be back!”   I have this feeling he will.


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