Wreath Q&A

My husband and I were having our morning coffee when he brought up a few questions regarding NBR’s wreaths.  They were good questions since I have been asked those very questions from clients.


Lets’s have a wreath Q&A!

Question:  Do our wreaths scratch front or back doors?

Answer:  No.  I have been making wreaths for many years and one thing I do, is to make sure they are made not to damage doors or walls.  When purchasing a wreath the back of it should look finished and neat.  It should not have any wire or sharp edges from added embellishments sticking out to cause damage.  Let me show you…

hanger demo2 (2)

One of the first things a designer asks her/himself is how am I going to attach my centerpiece and embellishments?  This question is important for various reasons, however specifically, what am I going to use?  I personally do not use hot glue to attach my pieces to the wreath.  Reason, the hot sun will soften the glue and the attachments end up falling off.  For me, zip ties!  I am a big zip tie fan, however I will use floral wire.  This pictured wreath above shows I used both.  As you can see the back of the wreath is neat and clean.

Question:  Do I attach a back hanger to my wreaths?

Answer: Yes.

The picture above is how I make and attach a hanger to my wreaths using zip ties.  I used black for visual purpose only.   This type of hanger keeps the wreath secure.  Believe it or not, I can say my wreaths are almost child proof when hung from the hook.  So far, I haven’t had a wreath hit the ground nor had damage to my door. Have I shared that I have nine grandchildren?  Anyway, I also add similar hangers to my grapevine wreaths.

Easter Bunny Fun

Here is the wreath looking fantastic!

Question:  Can my wreaths withstand weather?

Answer:  Here in the south, most homes have open porches with a roof over it.  For us they are protected and can withstand the weather.  If the wreath is made with paper mesh, I would not display outdoors unless it is in an enclosed porch.  During hurricane season, I would remove the wreath from the door, (lol).  Sun is our challenge.  You can keep your poly mesh wreath from fading by applying a thin layer of spray starch.  It really does work.

Question:  Do I offer any discounts?

Answer:  Not very often.  I truly keep my costs on the low side to allow affordability.  The cost reflects the quality of materials I use in my wreaths.   One benefit I do offer all of my clients is when they are ready for a replacement wreath, most times the frame can be reused.  This will help lower the cost and I will give a 10% discount on replacements.

This ends the wreath Q&A.  I hope this has been helpful.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask.  There will be a small pause until the next time I blog.  I have several projects I am working on such as crocheting, knitting and a few orders for Easter, weddings and babies.  Keep checking the shoppes for added inventory.  All prices quoted includes income tax.  I am always available for custom ordering.

Until then, may your days be filled with blessings! ~Robin


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