Christmas Momentos

Many of you know that I love Christmas.  The family memories we share in our home brings us closer together as each year passes.  During our journey of life there are special Christmas momentos that we hold dear to us.  We take them out of the wrappings in storage with tender care.  Warm feelings and love overcome us as we reminisce.

Last year I had a younger sister of a brother come to me asking, if I could replicate a childhood Christmas stocking for him.  His mother had accidentally lost the stocking during a move.  I posted this touching story along with the pictures below in December 2015.

This year a very special friend came to me with her childhood Christmas stocking and asked if I could replicate it.  She wanted ten of them made in various Christmas colors to give to family members as gifts.  Here is her precious stocking made with love. Can you imagine her as a child receiving this stocking?  I can imagine her being wide-eyed and excited as removes each item from within.

Patricia's Xmas Sock.jpg

Here are three of the ten that I have finished, missing are just the names that will be embroidered on them.  After re-creating the basic pattern, I added a touch of embellishment to bring a little character so each recipient will know it is their special stocking.


The best gift I can give during this Christmas season is helping to re-create those special momentos to help pass along family traditions.  Merry Christmas Patricia! ~ Robin



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