Honey & Amber – A Gift of Love

God’s perfect plans always comes to fruition.  Remember Honey from my last post?  She was a great inspiration for me.

Preemie Set1

Three weeks later my daughter and I was at a craft festival and we met a Thirty-one representative, Amber.  I love this woman’s heart.  She didn’t try to take me away from the representative I support.  She just let us browse and explain the new Fall and Christmas items that were available.

As we were browsing, I noticed a sign that was displayed on her table along with a few thermal totes surrounding it.  Amber was standing next to me and I started to share the story of Honey.  After listening to her,  I also wanted to share Amber’s story and asked if I could.  She immediately said, “Yes!”  God had inspired her to create an opportunity to help new parents that has a newborn baby in NICU.  Through her business she has created and offers for any whom are interested, to be a sponsor by purchasing a NICU Welcome Bag.  These totes will be given to the parents of these precious babies.  Amber does this as a love gift.



Don’t you just love her heart?  Because of Amber’s thoughtful inspiration, through Nesting By Robin, I will donate a preemie hat as an essential item to be placed in the tote.  So please help support Amber’s cause, there’s a family that will appreciate this gift of love. ~ Robin


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