Just a few weeks ago we had NBR’s tent downtown being apart of the Fall celebration and zombie walk.  Suddenly Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is looming over us.  Goodness, where did the time go?  However, I am revving up for the Christmas season.  Can you feel it?  Christmas is in the air!  The season of miracles and celebrating the birth of the new born King, baby Jesus.

My family starts our season by going downtown the day after Thanksgiving and enjoy Dickens Christmas Celebration.  The Fayetteville Art Council puts on this event every year.  Hay Street goes back in time and you walk among performers and vendors dressed in the vintage time period of Dickens.  You are entertained all afternoon with performers, carolers and carriage rides.  At dusk 22,000 plus people lineup behind the carolers.  We are all holding candles following them to the town Market Square.  The street is dark except for the illumination of candles and businesses that are open.  At the square there are announcements and proclamations of the upcoming season from the town elders of the past.  Suddenly, the town Christmas tree and wreaths come to life simultaneously, a splendor of fireworks light the sky behind Market Square as everyone cheers in the new season of Christmas.  Afterwards lots of pictures with the family by the Christmas tree and shopping through the various white tents of vendors along both sides of the street.  I can’t imagine starting the holiday season any other way.


This is my special time of joy serving others by making those special gifts such as slippers, scarves, hats, and more for your loved ones.  Assisting you with designing decor such as blankets, pillows, wreaths, table centerpieces for your home.  give me a call, email, text or personal message me on NBR’s Facebook page.  Let’s bring the season in together ~ Robin

My family by the town Christmas Tree


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