Christmas Shoppe

Every year the Junior League has an annual Christmas Holly Day Fair held at the Crown Expo.  My daughter and I have attended this event for the past ten years.  It is our tradition to kickoff the holiday season by sampling, shopping and visiting our favorite vendors.  We have so much fun and enjoy going through our treasures when we arrive home hours later.  What do you do to start the holiday fun?  My husband begins his holiday knowing that among the treasures we’ve brought home there will be a few gifts for him.  Such as freshly toasted candied almonds and handmade licorice candy from Michigan.  Anyway you get the picture, right?

My favorite vendors are two florists that come in with many treasures.  One of them makes everything handmade, the second brings current decorating ideas of the rustic flair.  My creative juices begins and I definitely purchased a variety of items to build into what I envision.  I’ve just started to begin and am not ready to post just yet.  Soon, real soon.  In the meantime I have a few things completed and have posted in the Christmas Shoppe.  Keep checking back, more is to come.  

Gold and Black Wreath

Order handmade gifts for Christmas.  All made with love!

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