Nesting By Robin On A Corner Lot

My daughter, Angie has been pushing for me to set up a booth/stand for Nesting By Robin on a corner lot for several weeks.  In fact, she knew the corner lot we should use and even purchased a purple tent for us to sit under while we would be open.  Me…I guess you could say I was a little hesitant. Questions were popping up in my head.  Do we need a permit?  Who owned the property?  Yet, she was determined we were going to do this.  Okay, I caved.

Together, we started to plan our strategy.  We gathered information regarding the lot, dates and times we would setup and what I would sell.  To my amazement it all worked out.  Nesting By Robin opened up a booth/stand yesterday in front of the Feed and Seed Store.  I even made a wreath on site as drivers in cars watched.  It was fun when they would pull in to investigate.  All in all it was a fun afternoon meeting and talking with the wonderful people who stopped.  Most important, I had a great time with my daughter!  So proud of her!

Thank you Angie!
 Thank you Angie!

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