Christmas… A Time of Giving

Yesterday in another city, I stopped at the local craft store to pick up a quick item.  In the yarn aisle, a lady was standing admiring a scarf being displayed. She turned and inquired if I knitted which I replied with a yes.  She continued by remarking how she thought the scarf was so soft and pretty.  I went over and looked at the scarf with her and replied yes, it was.  We continued to admire the scarf and I stated the scarf was crocheted.  She again inquired did I crochet and how long would it take to make.  I replied yes and it could be finished in a day.  As our conversation continued and I watched her keep gently touching the scarf, the pivotal moment came.  I offered to make the scarf and deliver it to her when finished.  Her reaction was priceless.  The light in her eyes reflecting her excitement and gratitude will be a vision that I will not forget.  Nor the warm fuzzy feeling that overcame me.

Christmas… a time of giving.  An unselfish act that comes from the heart and you actually receive more than the individual you are giving.  This is what I had experienced with a perfect stranger in the middle of a craft store aisle.  Reflecting, had I stayed in my “hustle and bustle” mode, this glorious opportunity would have been missed.  So grateful that I didn’t. ~ Robin

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