Common Thread

Product of the Day:  This is the second to youngest of the eight grandchildren, Amber.  She is modeling one of the new headbands I created.  It is completely handmade including the shabby chic flower.  The headbands come in infant and children sizes (or custom sized to fit any head), and any color of the rainbow.  Cost: $5 each or 3 for $12 (not including shipping cost).  Contact me through the email posted on this page to place your order.


Thought for the Day:  I have updated my “About” page and hope this will help getting to know me a little better.  As I have shared in my bio, I believe in women and what their essence brings to families.  Single or married, really doesn’t matter.  We all have many differences that make us a unique person, yet we all share a common thread that makes us…women.  Besides anatomy, what do you think that thread is?  Please share, after all we are family. – Robin


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Mother, grandmother of six grandchildren, creative designer and entrepreneur. Visit the "About" page to learn more of me on my website:

One thought on “Common Thread

  1. Hi Robin.

    I think of two threads that we share as women. We have strong instincts and we’re protective beings. Especially, when it comes to our families. I aways listen to my instincts and use it as a guide for decision making no matter how big or small the decision may be. And I have found that my instincts never steer me wrong. Our natural protectiveness is like the mama bear with her cubs. You mess with me or my family and I will fiercely fight to protect us. Great post today.

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