Webmaster Robin

A couple of weeks ago I upgraded NBR’s website.  As a new online retailer, it is exciting to share that you will be able to purchase directly from the Fall Wreaths 2017 page.  Why did I start with this page?  Honestly, less inventory and since I’m Webmaster Robin for now, it was a safe place for me to begin.  If everything goes as well as I believe, the new Christmas inventory will be posted for immediate purchase from the website.

My next set of goals for the future is first, not to be intimidated being Webmaster Robin. Second, to have my customers able to place custom orders and pay directly from this site.  These goals I hope will come to fruition soon.


If you haven’t, I would be honored for your support for Nesting By Robin.  You can do so by following this website, and “Like” and “Share” my Facebook page.  For those that are my supporters, a humble thank you from a grateful heart.

Do you have comments or questions?  Please share on NBR’s website or Personal Message me on NBR’s Facebook page.  From my home to yours, I would love to hear from you! ~ Robin




Pumpkin Patch

Last Saturday was a beautiful fall day on a local farm. Nesting By Robin’s blue tent was nestled in a pumpkin patch participating along with other vendors in the Support Your Local Business Event. The pumpkin patch was filled with every variety of pumpkins, colorful mums, wagon rides, corn maze, the produce stand and homemade ice cream. Yep! The place was buzzing with kids of all ages having a great time with Mommy and Daddy.

Many of you know that I love to share a story or two of what happens at the blue tent. Well, I have several but here is a couple that had me laughing.

A small boy who was around 4 years old was shopping with mommy. He was trying on the candy corn hat and then the minion hat. Found treasures of ghosts and pumpkins when he suddenly turned and spotted my McDonald’s cup filled with ice tea sitting in the arm of my chair. He promptly came up to me and said, “I would like a kid’s meal with chicken nuggets…” While he continued, I quickly realized he was ordering a meal from me thinking I worked for McDonald’s. Laughter started around the tent when mommy and other customers heard me apologize that I couldn’t help him with his order. Oh, my! He was so serious and I had tears rolling down my cheeks while suppressing my laughter. Such a cutie!!

This little girl, who is my featured picture was adorable! She tried on every style hat that was on display. Mommy was trying hard to convince her in accepting a certain type of hat. This little tike was not having it. Suddenly, her eyes got big and a squeal came from her when she found HER hat. The dark pink and frosted green owl was the winner! She began twirling and dancing around the tent excitedly wearing her special hat. Another cutie!

Did I mention the young man who grabbed a minion hat thinking it was free to take? Or that Mommy and sister chased him around the pumpkin patch trying to catch him? Oh yes, a great day of kid stories. Wish I could share them all! ~ Robin (lol)

Upcoming Event:

October 14th: North Carolina Grape Festival, Lu Mil Vineyard, Dublin, NC

Pirate Pete…Arrgh!

Pirate Pete is the newest addition to Nesting By Robin’s Fall Wreaths 2017.  When I found him I really liked his personality.  He reminded me of Captain Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  Therefore I was inspired to build him into a wreath with black sequin tree branches and flying silver ghosts for display on a front door or wall.  I really love this character piece!

Pirate Pete.  He will be a great center point to build around in your Halloween decorating.  You can find him under the Fall Wreath 2017 tab for immediate purchase through PayPal.



Fall Buzz

I would like to introduce “Fall Buzz” which is being added to the parade of NBR’s Fall Wreath 2017 collection.  The wreath is built on a 24″ frame and measures 27-28″ in finished width.  It is made with two color schemes of deco poly mesh, a gold/brown combination and a copper metallic.  I’ve added a little glitz with the ribbons and cranberry/gold berry beads throughout the wreath.  Then finished by adding the cutest rustic bumble bees and sunflowers.  This wreath is truly a pretty accent on the front door along with your additional fall decorating needs.  It glows when the sun shines on it!

So sit back and enjoy “Fall Buzz!”


Thanks for watching, (yes, I’m still working on my skill set)! You can find “Fall Buzz” in the Fall Wreaths 2017 Shop.  Now back to the workroom to meet up with a green-eyed monster! ~ Robin


I am such an amateur when it comes to technology.  Earlier I posted a video for NBR’s Facebook page.  Keep in mind I am laughing at myself.  During the taping you can hear the sound of a car starting in the background.  Oh my…still laughing!

Okay…deep breath.  I did go back to the video and bravely ventured in finding a way to make a more professional product.  After being pleasantly surprised what I can do to edit the video including downloading a movie app, I have a new and improved video.  Enjoy the viewing, just remember I am a WIP (work in progress).  Be sure to visit Fall Wreaths 2017 page, new wreaths will be added often.

Seaside Beach Bag

Mini Beach Tote

Earlier in June I made for my granddaughter’s teacher a striped beach tote gift card holder which I found on Little Monkey’s blog. You can find this free pattern at http://littlemonkeyscrochet.com/mini-beach-bag-gift-card-h…/.  I loved the bag and colors so much it was inspiring me to design an adult size bag.  A couple of nights later I woke from a deep sleep with the pattern formulating in my mind.  I had to get up, rummage the yarn stash, grab my crochet hook and begin putting together what I was envisioning.  Here is the end result.

Beach Tote5

As promised on NBR’s Facebook page, I have included the free pattern in this blog post.  Now I have to admit I don’t write patterns.  I chicken scratch in code what I am creating on a piece of paper.  My daughter and granddaughter’s when they find these patterns in a spiral notebook are going to have a hard time breaking code in the future.  Something that will need to be rectified on my part.  So here goes… Forgive me for any errors and please feel free to contact me for any clarification you may need.

 I Love This Yarn in turquoise, greymist, and white.  I suggest getting two skeins of each so you can easily pull from the center and while crocheting with two strands at once. You can purchase this yarn at Hobby Lobby.

Beach Tote

– 2 yards of cotton braided cord, (I purchased at JoAnn’s). 
 Size I (5.5mm) Crochet Hook
Large Tapestry Needle     – Optional:  Grey twine, charm (purchased at JoAnn’s)

Tote Bag Pattern:
Starting with two strands of Turquoise yarn…
Chain 41, SC in second chain from hook and rest of the way down chain making 5 SC in last chain.
Now working on the other side of chain, SC in each chain making 5 SC in last chain, join to first SC, chain 1 (ch 1 does not count as a stitch).
Round 2: SC in same stitch as ch 1.  SC first 38, 2 SC in next 5 stitches, SC in next 38, 2 SC in next 5 stitches, join, chain 1 (99 SC).
Round 3: SC in first 44, 2 SC in next 5, SC in next 43, 2 SC in next 5, SC in last 2, join, chain 1 (109 SC)
Round 4: SC in first 46, 2 SC in next 10, SC in next 45, 2 SC in next 10, SC in last 2, join, chain 1 (133)
Round 5: In back loops only, SC in each stitch around, join, chain 1 (133 SC)
Round 6-13: Now working in both loops for the rest of the project, SC in each stitch around, join, chain 1 (133 SC)
Switch to two strands of White yarn…
Round 14-16: SC in each stitch around, join, chain 1 (133 SC)
Switch to two strands of Greymist yarn…
Round 17-19: SC in each stitch around, join, chain 1 (133 SC)
Switch to two strands of White yarn…
Round 20-22: SC in each stitch around, join, chain 1 (133 SC)
Switch to two strands of Greymist yarn…
Round 23-25: SC in each stitch around, join, chain 1
Switch to two strands of White yarn…
Round 26-28: SC in each stitch around, join, chain 1
Switch to two strands of Greymist yarn…
Round 29-31: SC in each stitch around, join, chain 1
Switch to two strands of White yarn…
Round 32-34: SC in each stitch around, join, chain 1
Switch to two strands of Greymist yarn…
Round 35-37: SC in each stitch around, join, chain 1
Switch to two strands of White yarn…
Round 38-40: SC in each stitch around, join, chain 1
Switch to two strands of Turquoise yarn…
Round 41-46: SC in each stitch around, join, chain 1
Round 47: SC in first 20, chain 2, skip 2, SC in next 25, chain 2, skip 2, SC in 41, chain 2, skip 2, SC in next 25, chain 2, skip 2, SC in last 22 stitches, join, chain 1 (125 SC, 8 chain st)
Round 48: SC in first 20, 2 SC in ch 2 space, SC in next 25, 2 SC in chain 2 space, SC in next 41, 2 SC in chain 2 space, SC in 25, 2 SC in chain 2 space, SC in last 22, join, chain (133 SC)
Round 49-51: SC in each stitch around, join, chain 1
Fasten off and weave in ends.

Beach Tote2

Handles: 2-1 yard of 3/4″ cotton braid cord.  Front side of tote, place one end through 2 chain space and knot, repeat in second chain 2 space.  Back side repeat instructions on wrong side.  Use picture as a guide.   When working with the cord, be sure to secure ends with scotch tape.  This keeps it from unraveling and easier to thread through the chain 2 spaces.

Embellishment:  Cut 3- 12″ strips of grey twine, braid, attach charm, attach to handle.

Hoping this is clear as “mud!”

Beach Tote3

This bag is for sale or you can place an order.  Find details in Nesting for Spring Shop.

*** You may make and sell products from my patterns but if you do, I ask that you link back to my post. Please do not copy and post this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish photos as your own.***

Enjoy! ~ Robin





Hot Sandy Beach

Last Saturday my handsome husband and I were watching two of our grandchildren while their older sister was playing in a weekend sand soccer tournament at Fort Fisher.  We decided to take a trip to the beach to watch sissy, her team and spend the day at the beach.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  When we arrived the beach was marked with eleven soccer fields along with nine hours of nonstop soccer.  Colored tents lined alongside the marked fields with parents and families nestled in for a day at the beach.  It was quite a sight watching twenty-two teams play and after each game run as a herd from the fields straight into the ocean to cool off.  Along with the players, our younger grandchildren were among them having a great day playing in the sand and ocean.  This was our first experience at Sandblast Soccer and we really enjoyed the day interacting with parents, players and their families.  Plenty of food, drink, an ocean and a hot sandy beach.

As the day grew hotter, the sand grew hotter to walk on.  It had gotten so hot, you could seriously burn the bottom of your feet.  I was grateful I had brought my flip flop slippers I made to protect my feet.  They really worked out great!  I could walk along the beach and not worry they had gotten wet because they’re made with cotton yarn.  Later when we walked the boardwalk at Carolina Beach, I didn’t have to change shoes.  They looked great with my maxi dress.  Later at home, I through them in the wash and now they are ready to wear again.  I love them!  So much so I am motivated in making a pair for each grandchild to wear. One blue, pink and purple pair.


Flip Flop Slippers

Versatile, can be worn indoors and outdoors.  

Made with 100% cotton yarn, flip flops and machine washable.

Variety of colors and sizes.  $10 per pair

Don’t leave home for the beach without a pair to wear! ~ Robin