I love Fall!  I love the changing colors of leaves, the cooler weather, the orange pumpkins and yellow mums.  God’s splendor explodes with color all around.  My favorite time is sitting on the deck and watching nature prepare to go into a deep sleep.  It’s so beautiful and peaceful.  

Below is a picture of a few holiday hats ready to wear for the cooler temperatures.  They’re fun and you can use them as an accessory to a Halloween costume.  Sizes range from Newborn to Adult.  Let Nesting By Robin supply your whole family with a holiday hat.  It would make a great picture for a Christmas card!  Can you believe it?  Fall is here!

Fall Holiday Hats

Be sure to check out the Autumn Shop!

Minion, monster and character hats available too!

NBR’s Upcoming Event

Event:  Taste of Fayetteville

           Front of Patriot Century 21 Real Estate

           208 Hay Street (Downtown Fayetteville, NC)

Date:  October 11th

Time:  12 Noon – 6PM

Event:  Fourth Friday

             In front of Patriot Century 21 Real Estate

             208 Hay Street (Fayetteville, NC)

Date:  October 23rd

Time:  5:30PM – 9:00PM




Simba, from Lion King has come alive once more.  Below is a special order for this adventurous cat made to give as a baby shower gift.  He is soft, warm and will be adorable on a newborn baby boy.  If I can assist you in giving a gift for a special someone, please contact me.  I am here for you.

Simba Lion King
 Simba Lion King

  Available from Newborn to adult sizes.

This particular hat is a 0-3 month.

Shop in Robin’s Nest to find Simba!


I am busily getting Nesting By Robin ready for Fourth Friday on September 25th from 5-8:30PM, downtown Fayetteville, NC.  There will be many new items for the upcoming holiday seasons.  Be sure to set this time aside to visit and browse. Below are a couple of new wreaths that will be available for purchase on Friday or online, (Autumn Shop).  So excited!

SunflowerBlue Scarecrow2

NBR’s booth will be located in front of Patriot Century 21 Real Estate offices at 204 Hay Street.  

(Patriot Century 21 will also have a booth with games and free raffle).  

Come join in the fun!


Yesterday morning I went with my granddaughter to her school.  I had to deliver a wreath ordered by her teacher, Ms. D. When I entered her classroom I was enveloped in orange and touch of black decor. The bright, warm and cheerful aura was inviting for her third graders to spend their day in studies.  Ms. D’s favorite color is orange and she surrounds herself with this color.  As I presented the new wreath, her face lit up with excitement which brought out a smile in both of us.  Ms. D is a blessing to many students with her gift of teaching throughout the years. It was wonderful to be able to return a blessing to this sweet lady.

PD WreathShe is going to hang this wreath over the orange print adorned windows.

 It will be perfect!

Seasonal Hats

New Items in the Autumn Shop!

Upcoming Event:

Fourth Friday              Friday, September 25th        Downtown Fayetteville, NC


Excitement has been encircling around Nesting By Robin.  We were invited to Fourth Friday a couple of weeks ago in my hometown.  It was our first as a new business and we had a great time!  The festivities were fun and the people surrounding our tent shopping were wonderful.  I had so much fun making new relationships, listening as they shared their stories of their families, answering questions and enjoying their smiles as I smiled with them.

That very same night, I was inquired about making gift baskets for a local business.  After bringing a couple of samples to them the following Monday, an agreement was made with NBR to continue making gift baskets for them.  What is even more exciting, the owner has already promoted NBR as making their baskets and more inquiries are being requested.  Later that very evening a gentleman, Adam asked if I would participate in a large craft show in November for a non-profit organization.  In fact, we had received requests for donations to a couple of worthy non-profit organizations.  Who knew that a few hours downtown at a small event would bring in more opportunities for growth.  I love how God works His miracles!

Upcoming schedule for Nesting By Robin:

  • Saturday, September 12th from 1-4PM, we will be at our favorite corner.  The corner of Old Raeford and Rim Roads, Fayetteville, NC
  • Friday, September 25th from 5-8:30PM, we will be at Fourth Friday in front of Patriot Century 21 Real Estate, Fayetteville, NC

Stop by our purple tent, I will have many new items for the season and upcoming holidays available.  Bring a cup of coffee, tea, soda or water, come sit and visit with me.  I would love to hear what you have to share.

Fourth Friday (August 28th)

Fourth Friday Sept3Fourth Friday Sept2Fourth Friday SeptFourth Friday Sept4

New Item: Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets

NBR is currently taking orders for Autumn and the Holiday season.  Contact me and let’s create together!  Until we meet again on Nesting By Robin’s blog, have a blessed day! ~ Robin

Friends Being Made

Meet Ann from Ann’s Ice Cream and Sno-Cone Shop and Lila.  Ann, I have spoken of in previous blogs.  She is a lovely lady and I have such a great time with her.  Our friendship has grown during these past summer months.  Nesting By Robin’s tent sits next to her shop and believe me, Angie, (my daughter) and I have enjoyed our share of ice cream.  She sells the best ice cream (Hershey’s) and more flavors of sno-cones in all of Fayetteville.  The Cappuccino Crunch is my recommendation for ice cream.  Can we say AWESOME!  Lila is a great lady.  She had heard me on the radio this past Saturday and came to check out our booth.  She was so sweet.  She pulled up a chair and sat with me for two hours in 90 degree weather keeping me company.  We learned a great deal of one another during those two hours.  I truly hope she will come visit again.

While we ladies were having a great time chit chatting and I was waiting for my daughter to return, we heard of a horrible auto accident not far from our location.  I became alarmed when I had learned my daughter was driving back around the time the accident occurred by the bridge.  God was so good, another friend of mine from church stopped by the booth and told me she saw Angie out directing traffic by the accident.  She was not involved in the accident but had witnessed it.

Another active four hours on Nesting By Robin’s favorite corner.  I love setting up the booth because I never know what God has in store during the time we are there.  I do know special friends are being made.  Until the next time, may God bestow upon you abundant blessings.


Ann (left) and Lila (right)

Aren’t they beautiful?

Hats, Hats, and more Hats

It seems time has gotten away from me since my last post with all of you.  August and September are busy months in my household.  Lots of birthdays, anniversaries, school, dance classes and soccer have filled the days on the calendar.  After thought, the remainder of the year is going to be busy as I am sure it is the same for you.

My husband and I have been on the highways and byways quite a bit as of late.  Because I am Type A, I’ve always thought of the time sitting and riding as a passenger was time that I could be accomplishing something.  Doesn’t matter if we are in a car, airplane or train, to me that is idle time.  Because of this I always bring along, (but not limited to) a bag filled with yarn and crochet hooks.  This possible askew thinking in the crochet world means I am a true “hooker.”  I love the feel and texture of yarn sliding through my fingers working into a finished project with different sized hooks.  What is even more fun to me is taking scrap yarn and creating something colorfully wonderful.  This could be a pillow, stuffed animal, tote bag, bowl, basket, rug, scarf and hats.  The possibilities are endless.

Okay, I went off on a bunny trail envisioning new project ideas.  My point to all of this is during these past couple of weeks while riding in a car, I have been making hats, hats and more hats.  While hats have a specific usefulness, they clearly are used as a fashion statement.  So for fun, I have posted a picture along with this blog a few that I have completed.  What’s even more fun are the requests for a pumpkin, reindeer, Minnie/Mickey Mouse and a couple of team spirit slouch hats.  As my husband and I continue traveling to various events, I will be working on these hats.  Until the next post, have a blessed day! ~ Robin

Kids Hats

Nesting By Robin’s stand will be open Saturday, August 22nd from 1-4PM

You will find us on the corner of Old Raeford Rd and Rim Rd, (front of the Feed Store)

Fayetteville, NC

Hope to see you there!

Small Booth On The Corner

My daughter and I had set up Nesting By Robin’s booth yesterday.  Another wonderful day of ministry and building new relationships along with sales was to be had.  It was such a delight speaking with EMS personnel, military wives, artists in our community, Ann from the ice cream shop, and finally two young women and the witnesses to a horrible auto accident that happened in front of us.  I’m not sure if we are a ministry on the corner or Nesting By Robin on the corner.  Whichever it is, I know God was there and it works.

When you give that wonderful gift of listening and genuinely show them that you care what they have to say.  Something special begins to happen.  Kindness, gratitude, sharing stories, truth and love.  Every man, woman and child wants to know they are special and loved.  It doesn’t cost us anything just a little of our time.

I knew something special was going to happen when the opportunity opened for Nesting By Robin to be on that corner.  Just didn’t know what it was going to be. I know now it has been one of my greatest experiences watching and seeing this tapestry of God’s children spending time at a small booth on the corner.

Patriot Welcome

God’s Plans Were Different

Yesterday my daughter and I had set up Nesting By Robin’s booth on our favorite corner.  We were prepared to focus on sales, however God’s plans were different.  We were busy with a few sales, but also busy encountering people ready to experience death or just experienced a loss.  A family member, a friend or someone special.  I was so moved as I listened, helped to find a vet for a precious dog that needed to be put to sleep and selling a wreath to have placed on the door of a soldier.  God was right there covering his children with love and kindness.  My daughter and I were so blessed to help and serve.  Our prayers go up for them…

Heart Coasters

Little Slugger

This little slugger is all snuggled in his “Batter Up” blanket.  He received it as a birthday gift and was so excited!  You, too can have one made for your “little or big” slugger in their favorite team colors.  You will find this in Robin’s Nest with starting price for a twin size.  Need an idea for a Christmas gift?

Jonah and Blanket

Sweet dreams Slugger!

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