The month of February is here! Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow predicting Spring is coming early.  Super Bowl Sunday is around the corner, the Panthers vs Broncos.  To top off this month, lovers will be celebrating Valentine’s Day and many will be wearing red for Women’s Heart Month.  February is as much fun as the “Holiday” season.  All right that may be a stretch, however less stressful.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and honor the women whom are fighting heart disease, I have designed a wreath.  I have made it the featured picture for this post. I have also pictured new head wraps that are available in many colors.  These pretty and soft wraps button in the back for convenience.  They come in various colors and I’m thinking of making the flower interchangeable.  You can purchase extra flowers to change the look of the wrap.  The more I think about this, it will be available.  You’ll find these items and details in Robin’s Nest Shop.

Hmm…thinking of making team hats for the family to wear on Super Bowl Sunday.  Stay tuned to see who we are rooting for to be the victors! GO…..!!!

wp-1454521279209.jpg wp-1454521335472.jpg






2016 New Year

Happy New Year!  Last week I posted on Nesting By Robin’s (NBR) Facebook page a couple of fun projects to start off the 2016 New Year.  The first one was a story and a set of fun gloves for kids.  Below is a picture of additional gloves made since the posting and the rainbow of colors available, (soft pink, neon pink, coral and neon yellow are not shown).  They are $5 per set.

Fun Gloves

The second project that was posted referred to one of hottest projects among the crochet world.  It is a straight granny stitch blanket being made in conjunction with a temperature gauge of yarn colors.  The finished product, a 2016 temperature blanket. You begin this project on January 1st. The idea is to crochet a row a day for the entire year. The color on the gauge you use is determined by the “High” temperature of the day.  Below is a picture of the one I am working after the first ten days of this current year.

Temperature Blanket 10 Days

Please feel free to go to Nesting By Robin’s Facebook page for details.  You will find the temperature gauge along with a picture of a granny stitch blanket.  The links to the websites are posted for your convenience.  I did adjust a couple of the directions on the blanket pattern because it was working out better for me.  Also, I used “I Love This Yarn” from Hobby Lobby and listed the colors I am using.  It’s not too late to begin.  If you take this project on, no cheating and changing colors.  Stick with Nature’s color scheme, it will be beautiful.

Future post:  Wait until you see what my 3 year old grandchild inspired me to make for Valentine’s Day.  The story and project will be posted in the very near future!  Until then… ~ Robin



Christmas Wreath Sale

Hi Nester Fans!  I am hoping all of you had a wonderful Christmas season!  As we continue to prepare to celebrate the incoming new year, Nesting By Robin has three Christmas wreaths remaining in our inventory.  I have marked them down to the lowest price. This does not include shipping, however I will deliver in Fayetteville, NC.  You will find them in the Christmas Shoppe.

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year!

Natural Joy



Family Heirloom

Most families have heirlooms that are special and have many memories surrounding them.  Some have lasted for generations and yet some have gone through the first generation ready to be passed on.  Unfortunately these precious items get broken, destroyed in fire or water, or somehow lost in a move to a new home.

The latter comment came true for one family.  The eldest son had asked his mother to send to him his Christmas stocking from childhood.  To the mother’s dismay she couldn’t find the stocking and had figured it had gotten lost during their recent move to their new home.  The son’s sister who didn’t want her brother to be disappointed sent me a picture and asked if I could remake this stocking.  

Mikes Stocking2

Aren’t they adorable!  See the granny square stocking hanging on the fireplace?  That’s the one.  After studying this picture, a couple of trials on the size of the squares, not to mention the number of squares, I recreated this precious heirloom for the family.

Mikes Stocking

I love Christmas!  We should be giving to others throughout the year.  However during this season…it was extra special to do this small act of kindness.

Merry Christmas to all!  May this season and the new year glow with the light of Jesus Christ and many, many blessings bestowed upon you! ~ Robin



Just a few weeks ago we had NBR’s tent downtown being apart of the Fall celebration and zombie walk.  Suddenly Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is looming over us.  Goodness, where did the time go?  However, I am revving up for the Christmas season.  Can you feel it?  Christmas is in the air!  The season of miracles and celebrating the birth of the new born King, baby Jesus.

My family starts our season by going downtown the day after Thanksgiving and enjoy Dickens Christmas Celebration.  The Fayetteville Art Council puts on this event every year.  Hay Street goes back in time and you walk among performers and vendors dressed in the vintage time period of Dickens.  You are entertained all afternoon with performers, carolers and carriage rides.  At dusk 22,000 plus people lineup behind the carolers.  We are all holding candles following them to the town Market Square.  The street is dark except for the illumination of candles and businesses that are open.  At the square there are announcements and proclamations of the upcoming season from the town elders of the past.  Suddenly, the town Christmas tree and wreaths come to life simultaneously, a splendor of fireworks light the sky behind Market Square as everyone cheers in the new season of Christmas.  Afterwards lots of pictures with the family by the Christmas tree and shopping through the various white tents of vendors along both sides of the street.  I can’t imagine starting the holiday season any other way.


This is my special time of joy serving others by making those special gifts such as slippers, scarves, hats, and more for your loved ones.  Assisting you with designing decor such as blankets, pillows, wreaths, table centerpieces for your home.  give me a call, email, text or personal message me on NBR’s Facebook page.  Let’s bring the season in together ~ Robin

My family by the town Christmas Tree

Holiday Celebration

Four groups of dancers ranging from the youngest to the eldest were dancing to songs from the Nutcracker earlier this evening.  These ladies dressed in colorful costumes whirled, tapped, jumped and lyrically danced centered stage to an audience attending a small bazaar.  Nesting By Robin was there for the Holiday Celebration.

My granddaughter is a dance student at Alpha and Omega Dance Academy.  It was a delight to support this academy and my granddaughter.  Not to mention a great way to have an opportunity to meet so many parents, grandparents, and fellow vendors.  Along with catching up with old acquaintances and a wonderful friend who owns the academy.  I have marked this as a repeat event for next year.

Below is a picture of a fun loving family that purchased hats to wear to their Aunt’s house.  Notice the young ballerina wearing a Minion hat, she did a great job tonight!  Enjoy, I certainly did. ~ Robin

Leary Family


Christmas Shoppe

Every year the Junior League has an annual Christmas Holly Day Fair held at the Crown Expo.  My daughter and I have attended this event for the past ten years.  It is our tradition to kickoff the holiday season by sampling, shopping and visiting our favorite vendors.  We have so much fun and enjoy going through our treasures when we arrive home hours later.  What do you do to start the holiday fun?  My husband begins his holiday knowing that among the treasures we’ve brought home there will be a few gifts for him.  Such as freshly toasted candied almonds and handmade licorice candy from Michigan.  Anyway you get the picture, right?

My favorite vendors are two florists that come in with many treasures.  One of them makes everything handmade, the second brings current decorating ideas of the rustic flair.  My creative juices begins and I definitely purchased a variety of items to build into what I envision.  I’ve just started to begin and am not ready to post just yet.  Soon, real soon.  In the meantime I have a few things completed and have posted in the Christmas Shoppe.  Keep checking back, more is to come.  

Gold and Black Wreath

Order handmade gifts for Christmas.  All made with love!

Nesting By Robin Upcoming Events

  • Rib Festival, November 14th from 11AM – 4PM, 208 Hay Street, Fayetteville, NC
  • Alpha and Omega Craft Show, November 21st from 4PM-7PM, Three Colonies Clubhouse, Fayetteville, NC


Are you making your list for the holidays?  Below are a few ideas to get ready.  More to come…

Autumn Centerpiece Crystal Snowflake Christmas Snowman

Visit the Autumn Shop and Christmas Shoppe!


Music of Thriller, Monster Mash, Ghost Busters and more is blaring throughout the streets of Fayetteville being sung by a live band.  Adults and children walking up and down the sidewalk begin to line the street.  Suddenly, a large painted ghoul looking bus with flashing lights is leading ZOMBIES!  Zombies of every type were walking everywhere!  

There were so many highlights last night surrounding NBR’s purple tent.  I have posted pictures below of those special moments.  However, the best one…My last customer, a young teenage man with a young lady, (both zombies) came up to the booth.  “I have twenty dollars, how many hats can I buy?”  I replied, “two.”  He gently picked up an owl and turkey hat.  “Can I get these?” he asked timid.  Again I replied, “Yes, you can.”  He handed me his money, turned with his hats and excitedly looked at his friend and said, “That what up!”  I’m still laughing!

Zombie5 Zombie Zombie3 Zombie2 Zombie1 Zombie 6 Zombie7 Zombie4 Death Reaper Zombie8

Now, THAT WHAT UP! ~ Robin (love my job!)


Men and women dressed from head to toe in pink ran past our booth this past Sunday at the Taste of Fayetteville.  A gentlemen, pulling off the Jackie O fashion ran past shouting “Save the Ta-Ta’s!”  Our purple tent surrounded with customers and myself stopped shopping, stepped aside, applauded and shouted for the runners supporting Breast Cancer Awareness.  A few of the runners would stop, purchase a pink owl hat and ran off shouting “Save the Ta-ta’s!”  They were having so much fun.  Together, they were a cloud of pink and their excitement echoed up and down streets.  It was infectious!  

To my dismay I was so engrossed, I forgot to take pictures.  Anyone who was downtown this past Sunday and took pictures of the run, would you please forward to me?  I would greatly appreciate it!  However, I have posted pictures of a couple of our customers modeling their wares.

Elijah Minion HatLilly Turkey hat

A couple of new wreaths for Fall.

Metal Sunflower WreathPumpkin Bat Wreath

Happy Sunflower

This was sold before I could post this blog

Upcoming Events

Fourth Friday

Date: October 23rd

Time: 5:30 – 9:00

Location: 208 Hay Street (front of Patriot Century 21 Real Estate)

Final Thought:  As most of us know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Please, be sure to have your mammogram done and “Save the Ta-Ta’s!”  

Humbly thankful for all of my customers ~ Robin

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